/7 Life Lessons From Our Favorite Cartoons That We Should Never Forget
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7 Life Lessons From Our Favorite Cartoons That We Should Never Forget

Most of the people are watching animated movies as a source of entertainment. However, some cartoons have delivered more than just fun and entertainment to family across the globe. They come with the lesson that we should learn from them.

During 90’s, animated cartoons became a popular form of weekly entertainment instead of movies. Getting up early in the morning and we were glued to our TVs for our Saturday morning cartoons. Cartoons offered us a new world and taught us lessons we still remember today.  Here are 7 cartoons that taught us great life lessons to live by:-

7 Life Lessons Every 90’s Kid Learned From Their Favorite Cartoon

1.Power puff girl

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The Power puff Girls spread the message that size does not matter, and you can be bad ass without compromising on your femininity.

2. Scooby Doo

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Scooby Doo taught us to solve problems instead of whining and complaining and also that the real monsters are humans, and there are all kinds of the worst ones.

3. Tom and Jerry

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Tom and Jerry taught us that size really doesn’t matter and there is no point getting intimidated by stronger rivals. Just be innovative and survival will be easy.

4. Johnny bravo

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The poor boy got rejected by so many women, but his confidence always remained intact. Johnny bravo taught us that it takes more than good looks to impress a girl.

5. The flint stones

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This is personally my favorite cartoon show of all time. It teaches us that you can lead a happy and fulfilling life without technology.

6. Pokémon

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Children were swept away by the wave of Pokémon and the count of the Pokemon cards one possessed marked superiority. This cartoon teaches us to go beyond mediocrity and always strive to become the best.

7. Dexter’s lab

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It is one of the most popular cartoon series in history with the era that had people glued to their TV sets in anticipation of the next Dexter’s lab episode. It taught us that it’s okay to love science and pursue your passion from a young age. Do you know Dexter once said Omelette du Fromage in one of his episode and it went really viral although the word had no meaning at all, he was just trying to flatter girls with his french which didn’t worked so well.