/7 things we bet you have no idea about the Wonder Women-Gal Gadot
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7 things we bet you have no idea about the Wonder Women-Gal Gadot

With critically acclaimed performance in DC Universe’s Wonder women Gal Gadot has become talk of the town . She marked her acting debut in Israeli drama Bubot. She has starred in many successful Hollywood movies but Wonder women has made her a household name.

Due to this late stardom much is not know about this Israeli actress so here are some interesting facts about Gal Gadot of her Journey till Wonder Women

Lesser known facts about former Miss Israeli Gal Gadot

1. She set herself a mission not to win the Miss Universe title

She participated in the Miss Israeli competition only for the experience but she ended up wining it. When they send her to compete for Miss Universe title, Gal  was so nervous that she might  end up wining again that she used to show up late, not used to wear evening gowns and didn’t wear her makeup.

Gal Gadot at Miss Universe contest

2. She served as Combat trainer in the Israeli Defence forces

In her birth country, Israel it is mandatory to spend 2 years in military. There she has  received weapon and combat training and served as sports trainer for the Israeli defence forces. She says her two years in the Israeli military helped her understand the value of respect and discipline. It has helped her land into the role of Gisele in Fast & Furious.

In 2007 she featured in the Maxim magazine as “Women of the Israel Defence forces”

And if you thought her military training was tough, her training for the role in Wonder Women was much tougher.

3. She might have ended up becoming a lawyer

If it wasn’t for her lawyer she may have ended up becoming a lawyer. When she had just finished her first year at law school a casting agent showed up at her door to audition for the role of Camille Montes in the 2008 movie Quantum of Solace. She initially turned down the offer but her agent convinced her and later she found acting much more fun than studying law and this experience completely changed her life. Then she ended up having lead role in Israeli drama Bubot.

4. She is married to Israeli real estate developer Yaron Varsano who happens to be 10 years older

Their love story started some 10 years ago at party in the middle of Israeli desert. It was all about yoga ,chakras and eating healthy. There they don’t found themselves but found one another. After two years he proposed and they got married in 2008. She actively takes part in his husband business.

5. She did all stunts in Fast & Furious by herself

Gal Gadot in Fast & Furious 6

Gal Gadot is true superhero kinda girl. She is really fascinated by motorbikes and wanted to be part of all the action. After working in first two sequel of Fast & Furious she she was really disappointed as she was not part of any action scenes and she was always like Justin( director) I want to be bad ass girl. And She wanted to play her part in Fast & Furious 6.

6. She almost thought of giving up acting


Tired of rejection she almost thought of quitting acting. But while she was in Los Angles she got a call from Zack snyder for audition of a secret role in a secret movie. so thought to give it a try And she finally ended up getting role of Wonder women in Batman V Superman.


7. She shot for Wonder women while  pregnant

While filming for Wonder Women Gal Gadot was pregnant and had a  baby bump, so they used to shot  close up shot and used to edit the baby bump. It made the filming more difficult but this didn’t make her any much less efficient. She has done full justice to the role of Diana in the film. She is now blessed with a 2 month old girl, her second child.