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Blockers: Review From a Critic’s View

The storyline of the Blockers starts with the three girls-Julie, Kayla and Sam are three high school seniors girls who make a deal to lose their virginity on prom night. Lisa, Mitchell and Hunter are three overprotective parents of the three Julie, Kayla and Sam who crack up  when they came to knbow about their daughters’ plans. They soon joint together for a wild and chaotic war to stop the girls from sealing the deal — no matter what the cost in order to save their daughters from the situation.

6 April 2018 (USA)
Kay Cannon
BOX OFFICE $76.1 million
RATINGS 6.7/10



Blockers is a coarse comedy about three parents who spend their teen daughters’ prom night attempting to stop them from having sex as they had a deal. There’s a lot  of informal content here: Expect nearly a nonstop discussions of sex/loss of virginity, a few scenes with partial and full-frontal (male) nudity, constant strong language (“f–k,” “motherf—-rs,” “s–t,” “a–hole,” etc.), and lots of drugs and alcohol use by teens, including overuse to the point of violent vomiting. Such obsesne content is available in the movie. Apart from this it is highly entertaining and comedy. But despite the many crass jokes, there are also positive messages about parent-child trust, letting young adults make choices for themselves, being honest about sex/sexuality, and recognizing that even having sex with someone you care about can be a risky proposition. One should watch this movie for sure.

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