/Drake’s Life Latest Happening: Drake’s Threatened Image By Pushpa-T, Scorpion Album, Gift to Dad and Mom’s Comment

Drake’s Life Latest Happening: Drake’s Threatened Image By Pushpa-T, Scorpion Album, Gift to Dad and Mom’s Comment

Who doesn’t know about Drake? I am pretty sure everybody knows about this perfectionist rapper. From his famous track to his self-owned  brand everything has gone through a rigorous brainstorming session and then crafted and executed so perfectly. Through all these years, nothing was casually planned but as this is said ” No things stay permanently. So we have got some classic updated news about the rapper, which many of you want to know. Starting from Pusha-T’s story to the Drake expensive gift to his dad, and drake’s mother comment on Drake. So we have all you want to know about drake in this article

Drake’s image threatened by Pusha-T

The Virginia rapper, Pusha-T’s “The Story of Adidon” showcased a track a few weeks ago—so shocking because, for what seems like the first time, Drake madean unplanned notes app apology to save himself. Earlier in 2015, Meek Mill also tried to destroy Drake’s rap credibility, but doesn’t affected the rock-star a bit. But Pusha-T is successful in distorting Drake The Pop Star’s image but which is beyond repair this time and has deeply affected the pop-star. Yet here we are, just over a week out from the release of Drake’s new album Scorpion, and the world is somehow no longer talking about what happened.

Drake’s New Scorpion Studio Album

Drake new track, “I’m Upset” track, the second official of Scorpion studio album, is yet to release on 29 June. He showed a small clip of his song with a soft piano melody before his booming “I’m upset” line, but the song of the same name has nothing to do with his beef with Pusha T

The Pop-star critices the women who use him for his money. While Drake is expected to pay a girl’s checks and then some (“Every month, I’m supposed to pay her bills/ And get her what she want”), he increases how much money he has to name — not as a net-worth amount, but in regards to ransom. Starting from “Fifty thousand on my head, it’s disrespect” during the first chorus and later increases the amount to “Half a million” was disrespectful.

Drake’s Gifts Bentley to His Dad

Drake got a Bentley as a gift for his dad on the eve of Father’s Day. The Pop-Star bought his dad, Dennis Graham a gift of whopping $150,000 – and surprised him with this luxurious gift. According to Sources, “Dennis was chilling at  home on Sunday and got a call saying there was a gift outside for him. He thought there must be some package delivery but was suprised with the blue Bentley outside.

Drake’s Mom Comments on Rap Beef

Drake’s mom thinks that he is too grown up for rap Beef while commenting on the statement asked by TMZ  while leaving for Delilah in WeHo.

This article give a latest happening in Drakes’s life starting from Drake’s threatened image, Drake’s gift to Dad on father’s dad, Drake’s new lyrics for his new song and finally Drake’s mom commenting on Rap-Beef.