/Siblings- YouTube Video by Stand-Up Comedian ‘Kanan Gill’
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Siblings- YouTube Video by Stand-Up Comedian ‘Kanan Gill’

The latest video of exemplary Stand-up comedian ‘Kanan Gill’ is out and I bet it will leave you in splits. 

In the cookie of life, siblings are like chocolate chips. Siblings are like a secret society holding some really dark secrets of each other that can also be used as a weapon for getting things done.

Going by the general stereotype, the elder child (the first one) is considered to be a trial project for parents. They are loaded with responsibilities the moment they are born so they could set as a great example for their next child (Ah! The fault in the stars). So, basically they serve as a hit and trial method for the parents to conceptualise as to how the next child is to be nurtured and parented. The younger one, well he is born with an invisible crown, living life on his own terms and not to forget the extra layers of pampering they receive. Younger sibling is like a message sent directly from god that reads, ‘OH! Poor elder one. Sit Back, watch him and BURN.’

The perfect timings and the real life instances of Kanan Gill in the following video will set you rolling on the floor laughing.

Check out the latest video on Siblings by Stand-up comedian ‘Kanan Gill’.

Siblings by Kanan Gill | Watch on YouTube

Kanan Gill Is Famous for his ‘Pretentious Movie Reviews’ YouTube series, which includes popular videos such as ‘This is What We Do 4 Friendship’ and ‘Most Bollywood Ever’ . This Indian internet comedian has over 490,000 subscribers and over 44 million views.

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