/Punjabi Song ‘Vaar’ by Satinder Sartaaj | Official Video | The Black Prince | New Punjabi Song 2017
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Punjabi Song ‘Vaar’ by Satinder Sartaaj | Official Video | The Black Prince | New Punjabi Song 2017

Presenting the another new Punjabi song of Satinder Sartaj “Vaar” from upcoming Punjabi movie. Satinder Sartaj is one of the best Punjabi Singer. He come back with Latest Punjabi Song ”VAAR” which is taken from the Album “The Black Prince”. The Lyrics of this beautiful song  are panned and sung by Satinder Sartaj himself. The beautiful heart touching music beats are created by Prem & Hardeep , edited by Gurmeet Dhaliwal.

“The Black Prince” scheduled to release on 21st July. Here is the complete details of ‘VAAR’  official song. Read the complete Lyrics of the song Vaar and enjoy the video as well.

Satinder Sartaj Latest Punjabi Song ‘VAAR LYRICS’ are given below.


(Vad gaye jang vich lad gaye soorme
Chad poudi maut shahadat naal
Jehna naal laiyan..)X2

Osne laake naal viyaj mol jad mode teer jawabi
Chhade khich khich laake chhaati de naal,
Jode kare kharabi
Jaake dushman de reme vich chhabiyan,
Jode oh naabi dekho jomneya di sars neem de
Jode panchhi maari ji jarnal ne

(Vad gaye jang vich lad gaye soorme
Chad poudi maut shahadat naal
Jehna naal laiyan..) X2

Panchhi maari, Kehnda soormeya naal mattha laake
Kiti galti bhaari teinu sadda den,
Layi badalayi hun niti chadi khumaari
Teri do pal vich lath jaani sab piti khadi saari
Sajje tumatt aiya khukmat teri piti sarbe smondran
Oleh oye he

Teinu zibra heel jahanm awajan naale mude
Karni leekan mardi rooh ae kadon padawe ae ni turde
Teinu laike jana vajj gaye vekh langare pabad mugde
Matt maar ke akhiyan kare ishare dushmana khad jaa oye…

Hun ni bhajan dena kaira chak talwar zarra mai dekhan
Kinna zor doleyan andder karoeye vaar vaar ke vekhan
Darvaje kardeo band khol dewar likhe jo lekhan ji
Sartaj sune hun vaar Singh Sardar Hari Singh Nalowe di

(Vad gaye jang vich lad gaye soorme
Chad poudi maut shahadat naal
Jehna naal laiyan..) X2


Vaar (Official Video) | Satinder Sartaaj | The Black Prince | New Punjabi Song 2017 | Saga Music


Detail of ‘Vaar’ Song – The Black Prince

Song : Vaar
Album : The Black Prince

Movie : The Black Prince
Singer : Satinder Sartaaj
Music : Prem , Hardeep
Lyrics : Satinder Sartaaj
Editor : Gurmeet Dhaliwal
Label : Saga Music Pvt Ltd

Movie Credits :

Movie : The Black Prince
Starcast : Jason Flemyng, Satinder Sartaaj,Amanda Root,Shabana Azmi,Sophie Stevens
Written & Director : Kavi Raz
Music : Prem & Hardeep, George Kallis
Edited by : Heidi Scharfe
Producer : Brillstein Entertainment Partners
Director of Photography : Aaron C. Smith
Banner : Crossover Pictures
Digitally Managed By : Unisys Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd

About: The Black Prince Movie

The movie is about the fascinating true story of the last King of the mighty Kingdom of Punjab. The King, Maharaja Duleep Singh, was placed on the throne at the age of five only to be robbed of his throne by a bloody treason at the hands of trusted courtiers. He was then torn from his mother and taken to England by the British at age fifteen. While in England, he was introduced to Queen Victoria, who took an immediate liking to him, calling him “The Black Prince”. He was indoctrinated into Christianity and baptized, changing his life forever.Meeting his mother again after thirteen years, the Maharaja awakens to the realities of his former life in Punjab. He then begins the arduous journey to regain all that was lost and re-embrace the faith of his birth, Sikhism. Torn between his two worlds, The Black Prince begins a lifelong struggle to regain his Kingdom. It takes him on an extraordinary journey across the world.

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