/Vicky on Women- Stand Up Comedy by Varun Thakur
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Vicky on Women- Stand Up Comedy by Varun Thakur

The unexplored mystery of Monalisa’s smile, the mystery of holy grail, the inscrutableness of the Bermuda triangle, aggregated are absolutely nothing in front of the biggest mystery that has been questioned and passed on since generations- The Mystery of a Women. If a woman uses mono syllabic replies such as, ” I’m fine”, “ok”, “as you wish” or “It’s your life”, well then even the gods from the seven kingdoms can’t rescue you from the impending wrath.

Sexism is a word that can drive the whole generation crazy but Sexism dipped in humor & sarcasm can definitely bring smiles.

Varun Thakur in his brand new SnG Comedy video goes on a relatable hilarious rant about women in his signature ‘sexist’ style.

Vicky on Women by Varun Thakur: Watch Online on YouTube