/Comedian Vipul Goyal has posted a new stand-up comedy video
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Comedian Vipul Goyal has posted a new stand-up comedy video

NAMO is a very famous name nowadays. From Modi ji’s traveling trolls to their different development programs for India, Modi ji knows how to make it to the headlines.Vipul Goyal is back again to roast Indian PM and the taxes implemented lately. This video consists of light-hearted take on Modiji and Tax reforms in the last 3 years from 12.36% Service Tax to 18% GST. This is really like an intellectual joke that contains everything from intelligence to joke and satire. He focuses on the convincing power of Modiji, with a bit of sarcasm on Kejriwal and Congress. This is already a humorous topic because some people of Indian society are supporting this GST while some are not. As we know there are already so many memes and trolls on Indian Politicians, so in this video Vipul Goyal tried to covered all those small humrous things which makes the video even more funny.
Watch the video and share a satirical laugh.

Comedian Vipul Goyal Latest YouTube Stand-up Comedy on Modiji and Taxes