/Without Dr. Mashoor Gulati here’s what we are gonna miss!
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Without Dr. Mashoor Gulati here’s what we are gonna miss!

With all not going well between Sunil Grover and Kapil Sharma and no sign of his return to The Kapil Sharma Show here is what we’re going to miss out.

Here are Dr. Mashoor Gulati best performances

Dr. Mashoor Gulati hilarious introduction

His unique ways of testing his patients

Mashoor Gulati thug life

Dr. Mashoor Gulati as bridegroom

Dr. Mashoor Gulati as a businessman

Mashoor Gulati angry young man

Mashoor Gulati as a driver

we have all seen Sunil Grover perfectly playing the role Dr. Mashoor Gulati but his role as Rinku devi is also commendable.

Confused Rinku Devi

Rinku Devi and Rajesh Arora deadly combo