/Goodbye momos! 5 things every momo lover can relate to
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Goodbye momos! 5 things every momo lover can relate to

Our beloved BJP government rode high with the promise of Achhe Din. It’s been taking some significant decision  for the economic development and upliftment of the poor. A few months back one such decision was taken to ban beef. Now it has now shifted it’s focus from beef to a more perilous subject of banning dumplings(momos).

The feeling in the stomach when we take initial bites of these small bundles of joys enclosed within flour skin every momo lover can relate to. By simple analysis one can relate it was a publicity stunt. But this atrocity stunt has hurt the feeling of the youth at large. Momo shops have found a place every nook and corner of the country. These dumpling steamed to golden crispy along with spicy garlic tomato chutney makes the taste buds go crazy that too for a few bucks.

The BJP mlc Ramesh Arora, who started this anti momo campaign told the media that he wanted to save the youth from this killer which has damaged the life of youth much more than alcohol and drugs. He need to understand that momos can be cooked without use of  Ajinomoto, the salt responsible for causing cancer.

Here is a list of things every momo lover can relate to

1. Smoky hot chutney:

The blend of tomato, garlic and chilly add a whole another level to the persona of the dumpling which has made it popular among the masses and hard to resist. People with drivelling noses are the one asking for extra serving of chutney.

2. Drool:

Let alone taste even the name of the momo has the ability to ignite the gland in our mouth and blast our mouth with an ocean of water.

3. Fork to hand:

We usually start eating momos with fork and after a few bites we mesmerise into the feeling called momos and forget about the people around, let the fork aside and start eating with our hand in a messy way but we know it’s worth it.

4. Tongue burns:

Wait for momos can be so much unbearable that on it’s first sight we usually grab it and without realising how hot it is we put it in our mouth and start making weird to cool it down. These burns can be quite painful after a while.

5. The free soup:

After a serving of momos we realise that our mouth is burning with chilly and our inner self start crying for water but what makes the situation even worse in the bowl of soup which intensify the feeling and we are not simply satisfied by it, so we add decent amount of chutney to make it more spicy.

There is no harm in eating momos but only occasionally.