/Five Healthy Foods to be taken this Rainy Season
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Five Healthy Foods to be taken this Rainy Season

After that hot summer weather who doesn’t like the “monsoon”. Rains and the pleasant weather attracts everyone, specially the love birds, but foodies like me are not far in this race.

Monsoon have its own food cravings, but the problem is these pleasant moments can be spoiled by non-desirable health conditions like flu, fever, cold, cough. As most of us love street foods like “golgappas”, “momos” etc but they will most probably will end in making us ill. So, in order to enjoy monsoon and its pleasant moments just pay some extra attention to the food you consume. So pay a little more attention to your food habits, even though if you are already following a healthy lifestyle.

So, here are five rainy season foods that you should include in your diet to make it even more healthy.

Five Healthy Food Habits For Monsoon

1. Soups:-

What else can be better than a hot bowl of soup in rainy season? Imagine yourself in balcony enjoying the hot soup with that pleasant weather and watching the live scene of “tip tip barsa paani”. Obviously the soup is far better than that unhealthy, oily samosa. It’s better if you could just make a healthy soup at home, rather than that ready to made soup packets. Not only soups are the ways to get more nutrients from vegetables, but it is a good appetizer too and helps to stay away from that annoying flu.

2. Pears:-

Most of us like pears for this fruit not only tastes good, but is full of vitamins and minerals, which actually shields you from many diseases commonly brought in monsoon. It is a good source of fiber and also contains a good quantity of copper, vitamin C, and vitamin B12. It helps in cooling the body temperature which thereby eases the fever. So, either eat some fresh pears or drink a glass of juice to get relief from fever.

3. Herbal Tea:-

Instead of that usual sugary milky chai just switch to herbal tea for the monsoon. What can be better than green tea, a rich anti-oxidant that keeps you fit, healthy and fat free? You can also add a pinch of lemon or ginger, as ginger lifts up your mood and also increase the metabolism rate. So, for a change, turn  towards herbal tea these monsoons and make yourself happy, healthy and fat-free.

4. Almonds:-

The crunchy, quite low on fat, almonds are packed with nutrients, which are beneficial for health. This nut is not only tasty but also increases your digestive qualities. It keeps your sugar levels under control and at the same time saves you from different diseases, while also serving as a great snack for those who are on diet and want to loose weight due to the low fat content.

5. Garlic:-

The cloves of garlic are packed with antioxidants, immunity boosting properties, and can ease your digestive system by simply increasing your metabolism rate. So just make sure to also include garlic in your diet during monsoon, you can add crushed garlic pods to any spicy food of your choice. You can also enjoy garlic rasam, it can be enjoyed with rice, hot soup or anything of your choice.

These are few healthy food habits that you should follow during monsoon. Also, don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated during monsoon otherwise you will be at a risk of various infections and diseases. Just ensure you drink 8-10 glasses of water at least and try to opt for warm water to avoid water borne diseases.