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Clash Royale Hits September Update: See What Changes in the Goal

Clash Royale received their September update on last Monday, following the tradition of supercell to make monthly updates in the game. As always, the idea of the company is to keep the game as adjusted as possible, making changes based on testing, statistics, and feedback from the player community. Among the highlights of the update are the Nerf (worsening) of the Valkyrie and the Witch, and the Buff (improvement) in the Prince.

See what changes in the game, and the potential effects on the goal. Remembering that the final result of the changes will be verified when the athletes adapt to the news and create their plays.

Clash Royale September Update; Here’s What’s New


Valkyrie has been the most popular tank of the last few months, which proves in its use of 27.5% among professional players. Its model and speed of attack make it excellent in the fight of hordes and ground troops, which has been translated into a winning rate of 59.7% of the decks that use it. To make the letter become less terrifying against specialists and towers, Supercell made a small nerf at the attack speed of the letter, Aumetada from 1.4 to 1.6 seconds.

Royal Recruits

Introduced in the Clash Royale in July, the letter has not yet received the ideal membership, since it proved weak to justify the eight of the cost of elixir, besides not allowing the player to choose where it will be placed. To encourage the use of the letter, still low, she received a 12% damage buff, bouncing from 43 to 48. With this, the intention is to make real recruits more convincing as defensive troops. The letter is now also found in the collections of letters of the Clan Wars.

Barbarian Barrel

The barrel of barbarian has struggled to find its place in the Clash Royale since the launch. Although it has a winning rate of 70.2%, its use is only 1.2% in the competitive game. To change the scenery, the letter received a set of changes: The cost was reduced from 3 to 2, making it competitive with other popular spells. On the other hand, its damage was reduced by 9% (280 to 256), and the range fell from 7 to 5. The pushback effect (knockback) has been removed. Thus, the barbarian barrel becomes highly effective for eliminating the wild and the barrel of goblins.


For the player who does not have a card to beat from the front, the witch has the potential to dominate the Arena. Its use is only 9% in competitive games, but its winning rate is 53.4%. To curb the power of the Charter, the life points were reduced by 3.5% (613 to 592), making it possible to defeat it with Fireball + trunk or barbarian barrel. Although it is still a nightmare for its ability to invoke skeletons, the preparation against the witch is now a little easier.


If on the one hand the Prince of Darkness recently found his place in the game, the prince still needed a stimulus to compete in the Arena, as it has a use of only 9.5%. Although it has a winning rate of 60.8%, the prince was somewhat fragile compared to the other melee attackers, so his life points were increased by 5% (1115 to 1215).


The use of lightning has been 7.8%, even with the popularity of medium-sized troops. To make it a bit more appealing compared to popular spells such as fireball, poison, and rocket, its damage was increased by 5% (630 to 660).

Royal Hogs

After receiving a small buff in the August update, the Royal pigs went off in popularity and reached the winning rate of 68.6%. Not to leave them unbalanced, and at the same time not inhibit their use, the supercell made a small nerf at the speed of damage, reduced from 1.1 to 1.2.

Cannon Cart

Another letter that had received improvements in August had been the cannon cart. Its use increased, and the winning rate of 61.4% of the charter turned on the warning signal for the need for further changes. The letter went to block the towers so quickly that it became difficult to block the damage-even in the case of talented players. With a reduced range of 5.5 to 5, Supercell’s intent is to give opponents a little more time to intercept the cannon cart, especially when played in the center.


Miniature Zappies have become powerful in recent months, maintaining a winning rate of 66.1%. Their hit speed and single cooldown were causing problems, so they were made more consistent, and had the first attack diminished. Still, too, supercell prevented them from being blocked by other Zappies.

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