/Morris Garages (MG) Unveils AWD Two-Seater Electric Sports Car
Morris Garages (MG), Two-Seater Electric Sports Car, E Motion Sports Car

Morris Garages (MG) Unveils AWD Two-Seater Electric Sports Car

MG is working on All Wheel DriveTwo-Seater Electric Sports Car similar in size to Mazda MX-5. We are excited to know how MG is going to position this vehicle, which will undoubtedly cost more than an MX-5. It’s also yet to be determined what the core competency of the sports car will be – whether it will concentrate on pure acceleration or handling, the latter of which is likely to be compromised given the weight of batteries and electric motors.

Shao Jinfeng, head of design (and a veteran of more than 10 years with Volkswagen) said right-hand drive production will depend on demand from markets like the UK. We suspect there will be no shortage of Brits keen on a modern MG that stays true to the brand’s roots, suggesting it could also be a possibility for Australia when it launches before 2020.

As per Auto Express, MG has officially unveiled its all-new E-Motion concept at the Shanghai Motor Show – a car that signals the iconic brand’s return to the sports car market. Bosses have confirmed a production version of the fully electric E-Motion is in the pipeline; Auto Express understands the car could launch as early as 2020 and will start from less than £30,000.

MG New Sports Car! E Motion Concept Revealed in Shanghai