/10 DIY Most Easy Hairstyles for College Going Girls
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10 DIY Most Easy Hairstyles for College Going Girls

For all the college going girls, looking their best is important as it plays the most important role of making the right statement in college. Hairstyles play important role in describing her whole personality. Hence, getting the right hairstyle is very important.Every girl has different hair texture such as curly hair, straight hair, wavy hair, Frizzy hair, etc and the style that she chooses gives her the perfect opportunity to express herself and her personality.

So, here is the list of some amazing hairstyles that are easy and perfect for every college going girl.

List of top Ten Amazing Hairstyle for College going Girls that You can do in seconds

1.The Mermaid BraidThe Mermaid Braid adds a unique look to the personality. This hairstyle might look critical to do but is actually very easy. For this hairstyle, part your hair at the side of head and do the crown braid from the front. At the side, you should roll the length of the braid and pin it back to do fluffy braiding. Secure the end with a hair tie and wrap small section of hair on the band for a fabulous look.

2. Double layer back braid with curls:  This semi open hair updo looks romantic with curls. This hairstyle is very simple, easy to do and can be done within few minutes, all you have to do is make two braids on both the sides and pin each braid to the other side with one braid above the another. curl the remaining hair with curler and you are ready to go.

3 French Braid: French tail braid is ideal for college going girls. It can be done in both long as well as short hair. To form a French braid, you have to take three strands of hair and start doing simple braid and then keep adding more hair from both sides till all of the remaining hair are added in the braid. You can also pull out some hair for a rough romantic look.

4. Three-strand Uneven braidThis amazing hair style may seem a bit intricate but it is easy  and can be done within few minutes. To do this hairstyle, you have to first split the hair into two equal sections. Then on either side take some hair from the front and divide them into three strands, two strands should be equal and the third one should contain less hair. Start braiding as usual, after braiding use a rubber band to secure the ends. Repeat the same steps on the other side also. You can pin up rest of the hair into a bun or a messy fishtail braid according to you choice.

5. Hair Bow: This half bow hairstyle is super cute for everyday. One can style up and stand out pretty with this easy and simple hairdo. To do this hair bow, brush your hair and make sure no tangles are there. Grab some hair and make a ponytail but instead of pulling the ponytail all the way through, create a loop using about two to three quarters of the hair in the ponytail, leaving a long loose end. Divide the loop hair into two parts and using bobby pins form sides of bow, tuck the remaining hair securely using some more pins. You can also make bun with the left over hair according to your preferences.


6. Braided Flower Bun updoThis beautiful hair updo gives an elegant look that will add stars to your personality. To make this hairstyle, brush your hair properly. Divide hair from top into two sections, back comb the hair to give a fluffy look. Start braiding the hair at the back taking three equal strands. Stretch the braid to pull out the pieces before securing it with elastic band. With the front sections make a fishtail braid and roll the back braid into a while securing the front braid into bun. Your elegant hairstyle is ready.

7. Rope Braid: The Rope braid is totally trending and quiet easy to make. Make a ponytail and divide the hair into two equal sections. Twist both the sections away from your face and then wrap the sections together towards your face. Once you are done, secure them with an elastic band and you are all set for stares.

8. Topsy ponytail:  This hairstyle is very simple and easy to do. Comb you hair to make them tangle free. Grab all your hair into a loose low ponytail.  Poke the fingers of one hand to create a pocket of space and flip the ponytail up through it. Pull the ponytail down to tighten it. You can also use Topsy hair stick to pull the hair through the space. Smoothen the hair in the twist and your hairstyle is ready.


9. Crown Braid: A crown braid (or halo braid) is a beautiful style that can be worn anywhere. Although it may look daunting to create, it’s actually quite simple and makes a powerful impact. You can create it in no time. Take all your hair and divide it into three equal strands. Do an inside out french braid from one end to the other on the top or side of your head according to your choice. After completing the braid secure it with bobby pins. Pull the hair from the braid to form a crown. This is all you need to look stylish.

10. Donut Bun:  Donut bun gives you clean and smart look. This is very easy and trendy hair updo. To create this bun you should have a donut band or you can also make it yourself by using a sock. Grab all the hair and put them into a ponytail. pull the ponytail through the donut band and secure the band with bobby pins. Spread the hair on the donut band so that they are completely covering the form. Roll the ponytail into the form, Make sure your hair is getting neatly rolled. At last secure the bun with bobby pins and use hairspray to keep hairstyle intact. You are now ready to rock.


Girls attending college are possibly the consistent best dressed people in the world. So, for all the young and beautiful college girls there are bunch of hairstyles that are easy to do, simple to make yet classy to set a powerful impression.

So, grab your hair and get them rolling into different hairstyles for a fresh look.