/30 things everyone should accomplish before their 30th birthday
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30 things everyone should accomplish before their 30th birthday

First of all, What’s happening in your life?

If you can answer this question in one line than all is not well.

We all have something in mind about how we want to end up. But life is not the destination where we want to reach but a journey towards our fate. And we need to make this journey remember able.

It’s never too late do try out anything.But you incline towards your thirties you zeal and enthusiasm and all the things that give us will to do something seems to fade away. And to make your life worth living and remembering you need to try something and challenging new everyday and engulf them into memories. And these memories turn into experiences which define us.

And your life can be turned into your grandchildren bedtime stories.

List of all the things you should do before you turn thirty.

1.Face your fear:

Fear is a person’s worst enemy. Fear can be of anything like public speaking, heights.And simply by facing your fear out of free will  let you triumph your fear.

2.Attend a music festival:

Music festival have a life of it’s own and attending a music festival is an intriguing and irreplaceable experience.

3.Visit a Haunted place:

We are all fascinated by the existence of Ghost. So a visit to a haunted place is a must.

4.Travel without money:

Travelling is a expensive affair.But this time you travel different.Travel to a new place with only essential items and no money and find out how this ends out.Even if it turns out horrible you may have your own story to tell. This type of adventure you can do till you reach thirty

5.Start your own business venture:

You must be thinking we are doing good in our jobs so why start a business?It’s not about money but the freedom it bring up with it.You can do whatever you like and how you like it. Why waste your life for working for someone else dream.And you should start your company before you reach thirty as it is the best time to take risks.

6.Have a blind date:

Have faith in life and let the mystery unfold itself.And always remember to put your running shoes on.Everyone should go on a blind date.

7.Learn and practise new culture:

Understanding new culture helps you understand people belief,ideology. Exposing yourself to various culture is vital role in personal development. So roam around the world and explore the different culture. It’s among the many things everyone one should do


8.Do something illegal:

Don’t you thing everything that is fun is  quite illegal and dangerous. Street racing can be a heck of a choice and remember when you drive,drive  with the slogan “If you have everything under control you are not fast enough”.

9.Have your own house:

It’s high time that you start taking your responsibility seriously and it can be started by moving out of parents home into your own home.It will make you independent in your life.

10.Try a new look:

Changing your look can bring a change in your life.It can transform your personality.And the best part is you can always switch back to your original look.Everyone should at least try to refrain from their original look.

11.Trip to Las Vegas:

Everything and anything you want to do,no doubt how impossible it may sound can be done in Las Vegas.So if you want to meet your true self a trip to Las Vegas is must.

12.Go on a Adventurous trip:

You need to experience the life beyond cities.Set the foot in the jungles, trek through rugged mountains and experience the beauty of nature at it’s best.


13.Pull a prank on your  boss:

Is your boss a slave-driving psycho or boss is a boss? You don’t need any solid reason to pull a prank on your boss. But be cautious while pulling a prank and not to get caught as you may end up losing your job!

14.Get yourself a Crazy job:

You need to apply yourself in different spot to get most out of your life.You may be surprised to know types of Job available in the market.Don’t you think job of a professional sleeper sounds quite interesting.

15.Have a life beyond social media:

Social media should have a place in our life but not in the way it has been.Today we have framed our life in such a way that we rely on social media even to define our self worth.So it is very much crucial to have a life beyond social media.

16.Meet childhood crush:

We all have a teacher whom we admired the most and in our head though of marrying them someday.So now is the time to find out are they still single.


17.Visit Seven Wonders of the World:

It is better to visit something once than to hear about it a thousand times.Seeing to how much level great heart can go to show their love for the once who have already been dead.

18.Find your all weather friend:

Have a friend who can make you smile when you don’t want to talk to anyone.

19.Attend a college:

College are not just for academic excellence but they are great place to socialise and make memories.

20.Watch all the iconic movies:

Watch all the iconic movies and sing and  dance on their legendary songs.

21.Try to listen to your mother:

Once in her lifetime don’t give your mother anything to complain about.

22.Plan school friends reunion:

After graduating we all make plans about meeting once in a while. But they usually turn out void. And our life has no meaning without having the people that we love around us.Everyone should try have a reunion before they turn 30. 


You must be imagining how can tattoo show up in this list. But we all have experience about our first tattoo or we design a tattoo on our experience.

24.Try a adrenaline pumping sport:

Feeling your heart pounding out of your chest is an experience in itself.

25.Plan a unplanned road trip:

We all try to make our life go the way we want but these unexpected moments turn out to best. So why don’t you let your life make all the decisions.

26.Save a drug addicted person:

Save a person life gives a satisfaction in mind that nothing can substitute. By saving a drug addicted you can save his whole family.

27.Have some idea about the type of person you want to end with:

Life is a long and messy affair. You need to have someone who can accept you as you are,

28.Try to flourish your hobbies:

The things we do make us who we are. So devote sometime to your hobbies as we live our life not for someone is watching us for the things we want to do.

29.Start living your life:

Now-a-days it’s all about money. We spend all our time chasing money and we forget all the things which should have mattered most, things that give us happiness. We should try to seek happiness in all those small things.

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