/Five 90s urban fashion trends that are coming back from the dead
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Five 90s urban fashion trends that are coming back from the dead

Fashion is like cycle which keeps evolving swiftly. Now, we see 90s trends comeback in the world of fashion every other day. In fashion world, it is common for what’s old to be new again so, we cannot deny that we have traveled back to 90’s.

It worked out for the best — the relationship between the style of 90’s and that of now is surprisingly similar. Nine out of ten times fashion trend isn’t actually new, just something that’s been recycled from the past, which makes the whole process seem a bit silly. Here list of trends that prove 90’s fashion has taken over 2017.

The Best 90’s Fashion Trends For Women that are Back Again

1. Crop Tops:

Crop tops were a cool 90’s fashion trend are back in a sizable way and it is an enormous trend for summer. It looks swanky and cool.

How to Re- Style 90’s Fashion Trend: Style it up with skirts, blazers, maxi skirt, boyfriend jeans, shorts etc.

2. Off-shoulder tops:

Off-shoulder tops are the summer’s biggest fashion trend. The off-shoulder look also looks very fanciful in tops and dresses. It is a prominent 90’s fashion trend that has come back to life.

How to Re- Style 90’s Fashion Trend: Off-shoulder tops look very casual. So, style it up with skinny jeans and heels to look pretty.

3. Baggy pants:

A loose fitting trouser lessens at the ankle with a slump rise. These pants are best befitting at summer and spring season. This 90’s Fashion Trend was a celebrated look among the old classic band members.

How to Re- Style 90’s Fashion Trend: Wear it with white plain shirt, slim fit tops or cropped leather jackets. Try husky heels or platforms for loose leg trousers.

4. Chokers:

Choker is a close fitting necklace. It can be contrived by velvet, plastic, beads etc. the fame of choker necklace is high on demand right now.

How to Re- Style 90’s Fashion Trend: Choker is a cool accessory and can go with almost all dress like denim, tees tops, skirts and shirts.

5. Ponchos:

A poncho is very delightful, if you want to wear something lightweight and calmer one then it is so comfortable to wear. Ponchos are cool and trendy and it will add a modern touch to your closet.

How to Re- Style 90’s Fashion Trend: Wear your ponchos with skinny jeans and boots and they look very voguish.

6. Classic Pixie:

Short and messy  Pixie Cut hairstyle in platinum hues are back from the 90’s Fashion trends. It gives a very strong and powerful look to the persona and highlights the cheekbones thereby giving it an enviable glaze.

How to Re- Style 90’s Fashion Trend: For a cleaner look wear a long pencil thin earring that will go well with the messy Pixie cut hairstyle.

7. The Printed Satin Two- Piece:

Silky satin fabric slips on your skin thereby giving you supermodel feels. Satin Fabric with Floral prints were a massive 90’s Fashion trend and many celebrities  chose them for their red carpet looks.

How to Re- Style 90’s Fashion Trend: You can wear satin co-ords two piece or can pair your satin maxi with a complimentary satin shrug on top.

8. The Killer Smokey Eyes: The trending 90’s makeup trend was bold eyes with minimal makeup. Eyes were either smudged black or as we call them eyes were made ‘smokey eyes’ or were either winged with intense black.

How to Re- Style 90’s Fashion Trend- This is an evergreen look that can go along with almost any outfit. When using smokey eyes, try going for a clean centre part and minimal face make up since you’d want all that hard-work on your eyes to show and rock.

9. The Designer Denims- Denims were a trend back in the 70’s that came back strong and modified in the 90’s. They were ripped, cut, embellished, cuffed etc. Ripped jeans is a 90’s Fashion trend that has taken the market by storm.

How to Re- Style 90’s Fashion Trend- Wear your high waist ripped jeans with a crop top along with a high messy bun and you are all set to roll.

10. Men inspired suits- Women wearing oversized men suit with a dominating expression was a great highlight from the 90’s Fashion trend. Many celebrities chose and still choose this look for red carpet or business events.

How to Re- Style 90’s Fashion Trend- Wear the oversized men inspired suit with a smart and thin neck scarf or a tie.

11. Leather Jackets- Leather jackets have been one of the greatest 90’s fashion trends hit. It can never go out of style. To top it up now leather leggings and leather jeans are also here to stay. Leather jackets go well with anything and everything.

How to Re- Style 90’s Fashion Trend: Wear your leather jacket with denims and pair it up with boots to complete the vogue look.

12. Dangerous Dungarees: With one string hanging loosely Dungarees have resurrected from the 90’s fashion trends and well renowned celebrity faces have been spotted wearing that.

How to Re- Style 90’s Fashion Trend: Pair a denim dungaree with a cool tee and you are all set with your funky street look.

13. Mommy Jeans/ Boyfriend Jeans: This 90’s Fashion trend of loosely hung pair of oversized denims did wane into the horizon but is back with a bang and ruling Fashion markets. These jeans are a comfortable denims that are airy unlike those tightly fitted ones.

How to Re- Style 90’s Fashion Trend: Since these pair of jeans are super comfy, you wouldn’t want to spoil the look, so pair it up with a nice tee and tuck it up on the waist.

14. The Round Frames: Back in the 90’s, round glasses were considered to be a sign of nerdiness, but they came back as a stunning style statement.

How to Re- Style 90’s Fashion Trend: Team up the Round frames with open hair or a high messy bun to rock the look.