/5 Amazing Beauty Hacks You Had No Idea You Can Do With Spoon
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5 Amazing Beauty Hacks You Had No Idea You Can Do With Spoon

Sometimes the best beauty tools can be found in the kitchen. Yes, you heard that right, easily available beauty tool lies right there in your kitchen drawer- Spoons. They are very useful for taking soups or ice cream however they really have a variety of beauty uses as well. Beauty tricks with the help of spoon may sound unbelievable but it’s true. So, presenting you a guide of 5 amazing beauty hacks with spoon for enhanced beautification-

5 Ultimate Beauty Hacks You Can Do With Spoon

1. To Create Perfect Winged Cat-Eye Makeup.

If you want to acquire a perfect winged cat-eye makeup then this hack is the best option for you. The handle of the spoon hold against the outer corner of your eye: draw a straight line edge and the lash line center. Mark it to outline the cat eye. After filling it with colour, draw a line across your lash line to finish the look.

2.  To apply perfect Mascara with spoon

To keep eye makeup natural use spoon while applying mascara. When you want to apply mascara on lower lashes it always create mess, to avoid this mess you will use spoon: it have the perfect shape to cover your lids. This method really help you.

3.  Revive Your Broken Eye Shadow

If you’re throwing away your eye shadow just because it is broken then stop right there, here’s the simple hack with spoon to repair it. Add some water to the broken eye shadow and press it back with the back of spoon until it is stiff again. Now it is ready to be applied again.

4.  Get the perfect arch to your brow with spoon

If you want the perfect arch to your eyebrow then use spoon. Place the spoon blow-side down just below your eyebrows. Then, take eyebrow pencil to make a perfect outline of where your arch should be. Use this hack, it will help you making perfect arch.

5.  Polish you nails with different marble effect with spoon

No need to go saloon to paint your nail in different way: you will easily do it at you home with this beauty hack. Apply this trick all you have to do is drops of two or more different nail colors. Use a pin to mix it together to create that marble effect. Cover your fingers with a Band-Aid, only leaving your exposed.  Then dip your nail into it and you will get beautiful nail art. Wait for it to dry and share the hack with your friends.