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5 Natural Remedies to fill a patchy Beard

It seems Beards are trending in men’s fashion now-a-days. Beards that are properly groomed and well kept truly look awesome. Men with beards are considered most trendy. It is the dream of every man to have the beards growing evenly with deep strong hair. However, this is not the case for some as a patch may develop at any stage of life due to varying factors. So, here are several natural remedies that are effective in fixing a patchy beard.

Tips to fill a patchy Beard

    1. Use essential oilsThe best oil for hair growth is castor oil, coconut oil. Apply coconut or olive oil on the patchy area of your beard and massage the area evenly for sometime. Use the method regularly for minimum three months.
    2. Massage with Neem lotion: Neem is best medicine for any health issue. You can use Neem leaves and rub it on the patchy area. you can also make lotion from neem leaves at home and apply the lotion on the areas as face pack. You can also use orange pulp, this will help to remove the dead cells from the skin and helps in proper growth of beard.
    3. Keep the Beard nourishedTo enhance healthy and evenly distributed beard hair, apply lavender oil mixed with jojoba oil daily. After washing your face, apply this mixture on the beard region and brush the hair with a soft brush. This leads to successful patchy beard fix.

  1. Close ShaveOnce the formation of a patch in the beard region is spotted, it is advisable to conduct a complete shave of the hair. In order to clear all the hair, shave closely to the skin. Clearing of all the hair provides an opportunity for the hair to grow.
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  2. Rub Garlic Juice: Garlic have sulphur, which helps in growth of hair. Simply rub some cut garlic clove on the surface and wash it after some time. Repeat the process for 2 months and see the results.

In order to have even beard hair growth without any patch, avoid trimming the hair as it grows out. This allows thick hair to grow and develop within the beard region. And you are ready to flaunt your beard.

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