/5 Things You Can Do For The Betterment Of Society And Environment

5 Things You Can Do For The Betterment Of Society And Environment

Almighty created all of us, we all live our life according to our personality. Your behavior towards family and friends clearly reflects your in what kind of society and environment, you are brought up, so basically society taught us a lot. A good society and healthy environment is, what we all want for ourselves and our future generation but only thinking about betterment  of society can’t help, ask yourself, what are you exactly doing for the society? Most of us want to contribute for the society but couldn’t find the way how to do contribute for the society? And then this feeling of doing something for society and environment slowly and gradually fades with our busy lives. So if you are the one who can take out time for the society, then your little efforts can contribute a lot for society.
As Global warming and climate change is the major problem of today’s world. So, not only our future generation, but we also have under red light area. We as a youth have to come forward and take steps to stop Global warming and climate change.
Here are few things you can surely do for society and environment.

5 Ways you can Contribute for Society and Environment :-

1. Hybrid cars instead of fossil-fueled cars:-

If you are planning to buy a new car then do consider the option of Hybrid cars instead going for fossil-fueled cars. These hybrid cars almost have the same price as conventional cars. In fact, you can even find some cheaper ones. By using Hybrid cars you can obviously avoid the pollutants that fossil-fueled cars does produce, this will give at least your some contribution to avoid global warming.

2. Planting Trees:-

Try to plant more and more trees and encourage other people also for growing trees. You can also join some tree planting activities or can organize the one with your friends, family or colleges. Every tree absorbs carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and CFC. It produces oxygen that thickens the earth’s atmosphere against heat radiation from the sun. Furthermore, trees can reduce flooding in some areas.

3. Try to keep your surroundings neat and clean:-

The simplest way to contribute to society and the environment is to clean your own surroundings all the time and make your city healthier. Every single or small object which is manufactured by man and is not in use

4. Reduce the Use of Toxic Chemicals:

At home or at work, you may have been buying and using some products that are not environment-friendly, such as battery and products that contain mercury, or the products used for cleaning like bleach etc. Most of the time, such products are not successfully trashed out. This may cause contamination in the area. To reduce such risk, there are products that are environment-friendly. Styro-foam for instance, is not good for the environment, especially when burned. Try not to use them, or useless, or you can find  some alternatives too.

5. Organic Farming:

Organic farming is not only used to produce safe and healthy food, but it is also good for the environment, because organic farming does not use pesticides and other chemicals that produce pollutants. It can also contribute to the reduction of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Pesticides and other chemicals used in farming are produced in factories that dispose toxic waste to the environment. Organic farming discourages people to support such destructive industry. In addition, organic farming does not depend on fossil fuel to operate a farm.

So, these are five things which you can do to prevent environment and society from getting contaminated, so that not only you, but your future generation can also enjoy in the lap of mother nature