/5 Traditional Saree Draping Styles From Different Regions of India
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5 Traditional Saree Draping Styles From Different Regions of India

Saree is said to be the only traditional outfit which is versatile and adaptable. India is a treasure trove of different saree varieties. And that’s not all, each region has a unique saree draping style as well.

Saree is the most elegant attire which a women can adorn and you would definitely agree with us that a saree makes a woman look the most attractive. A well-draped saree is all you need to look your best at various occasions. There are so many pallu draping styles that you can try every time you plan on wearing the nine yards because wherever you go, everything about your look and appearance, apart from your personality, will also be closely observed by everyone around. So, here are 5 common saree draping style that can instantly transform you into a diva.

 Best Traditional Ways to Wear a Saree in Different Style


1. Bengali Draping Style Saree

One of the most recognizable saree draping style is the Bengali style. Unlike the modern day saree, it has a box pleat at the front. The pallu comes from back to the front on both sides. Traditionally a bunch of keys was attached to the pallu thrown over the right shoulder.This signified the most important woman in the household as it is a great matter of pride to be given the reigns of the entire house. It is one of the easiest ways to drape a saree though the ultimate look might seem to be contrary.


2. Maharashtra Draping Style Saree

This style is also called “Nauvari” which is nine-yard, instead of usual six yard saree, speaks volumes about the strong, independent women of Maharashtra.  This saree draping style is distinguished by its unusual draping pattern which has no petticoat is required to drape in it being worn around the legs like a dhoti while the upper part is worn like a normal saree. One of the best examples of the nauvari saree is demonstrated by lavani folk dancers.  It is bound to make you look unique among the crowd if you pair this saree with a nose ring and some jasmine flowers for your hair.


3. Mumtaaz Draping Style Saree

Who doesn’t love Mumtaz’s saree from the hit song Aaj kal tere mere pyar ke from the superhit film Bramhachari? That retro look was so stunning that it went on to create a draping style by itself. The style involves draping the saree tightly around the lower body several times, so that it highlights your figure in the best way possible. Though it might not seem very comfortable to many, it still lends oodles of elegance and sensuousness to a lady’s look.


4. Butterfly Draping Style Saree

It is also known as the Bollywood style of wearing a saree, the “Butterfly” style is a slight twist to the regular Nivi style of wearing saree. The only difference here is that the pallu is made very thin, such that the midriff or navel is visible. Usually materials, like chiffon, net, etc, are worn with a heavy embellished blouse in this manner. This style accentuates a woman’s curves in the best way and looks extremely regal.


5. Lehnga Draping Style Saree

This saree drape resembles a lehenga choli where the pallu of the saree is used in place of the dupatta. This permits immense freedom of movement and works very well for heavy sarees where the shoulder doesn’t have to carry the weight of the heavily worked pallu, with the help of several pleats tucked around the waist to give the illusion of a lehenga, you can easily convert the regular saree to something more celebratory. The pallu in the front is perfect for demonstrating the intricate work on the pallu and the border.

These are some of the different ways to drape a saree. Try them yourself and don a new look every time you wear a saree.