/Dia Mirza Tips on How to have a Sustainable Life in the City
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Dia Mirza Tips on How to have a Sustainable Life in the City

Living in a city is a boon due to which people are attracted to city life because of the comfort and luxury, but Pollution, traffic and loss of green spaces are just some of the daily trials that city-dwellers have to deal with. One of the greatest problems that the world is facing today is environmental pollution.

Increasing with every passing year and causing grave and irreparable damage to the earth. We are loosing the beauty of our mother earth with every step towards luxury, which may result in natural disasters.

Unfortunately, pollution may always be a problem in the big city despite the efforts made to reduce pollution. In order to make life suistainable even in cities we have to put certain efforts. We once again have to unite together and take effective steps to make our mother earth green. Here is a video and points regarding to life suistainable things in cities by actress ‘Diya Mirza’.

Dia Mirza’s Tips:

1. In sustainable life, it is always nice to have some form of greenery , so grow as many plants as you can. You can grow small plants that allow birds like pigeons and sparrows to nest in them and plants that can feed the birds with their fruits and berries.

2. Offer bird-feeders and water to the birds and Keep a water holder made of an earthen pot for birds outside to keep the water cool.

3. Refurbish old wood and make it into new furniture.

4. Switch from plastic to glass bottles to keep water, replace all plastic containers with glass ones and use ceramic jars. When you buy any product, which is stored in a glass bottle, try and reuse it.

5. One of the most imperative things to remember, particularly in the kitchen, is to isolate dry waste and wet waste and don’t utilize those black plastic bags however utilize daily papers rather to line your dustbins. Make a compost pit in your society or area, with the goal that the wet waste can go specifically into it, this can later be utilized as new treat for the plants.

6. To control the overflow of tanks and avoiding wastage of water, set up automation systems to demonstrate that the tank is full and stop water wastage. Use just a single bucket of water to clean a car, and not a hose pipe.

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