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How to Wear Dupatta in Different Styles: POP XO

Girls who love to look trendy and fashionable with their unique styles. You need to dump your old collection of classy cum traditional dupattas. You can tie your favourite dupatta in your own style and can flaunt yourself in public. Yes, you don’t need to lock away those pretty dupattas instead you can tie up those dupatta over your western dress and look even more gorgeous. Try these hacks to wear dupatta in different styles each time!


Here are four different Styles to Wear Dupatta

1. Vesting Dupatta Up:

In this style, Fold the dupatta from both the sides and pin the corners of the dupatta where they meet with the help of safety pins. Now, you have two big arm holes on both the sides. Your dress is ready with in a minute and you can wear it over your favorite dress and flaunt yourself with confidence.

2. The Bare Back Kurta:

take two corners of dupatta from almost anywhere and drape it along the neck, secure it with a safety pin instead you can make a knot. Now, take the center of the dupatta  from the right side and from below the arm hole take it up to the shoulder and pin it up on right shoulder and do it same with the life side as well. This drape gives you a high low asymmetrical style from front. You can support this look over a long kurti , mexi dress or a black tupe dress.

3. Belt it Smart:

Fold your dupatta neatly. Wear the dupatta around the neck and belt it up at empire waist. Then, carefully start taking out the dupatta from both sides till it drops down from both the sides of your shoulder. Stop when it gets enough down and you are ready to go.

4. Its Wrap:

Its the easiest style among all. Fold your dupatta depending on how long it is. Pin both the corners of either side of dupatta with each other. And there you have a cute shrug ready. You can wear this over a dress or kurti according to your choice. And you are good to go.

So these are the four easy simple ways to carry your dupatta in a most trendy and cool way. Girls be ready to Flaunt yourself with these styles. Good Luck!

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