/The Mystery of the Women Purse
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The Mystery of the Women Purse

A Handbag is a priority for a woman and she carries almost their whole lives in their bags. Truth is, they do carry everything. Well there are a whole lot of conceptions that a man has about a lady’s purse. So, let’s put some light on the mini civilization she carries on her shoulder everyday and how men and women respond to the items residing in the magical island – THE PURSE!

10 things you might find in a Women Purse

Cellphone: cellphone is the best buddy that anyone has in the present era. One can never live without their cellphone as it contains all the important information and details. So for women its necessary to keep their cellphones in their Purse as it’s her friend for life and is always safe in her Mystery bag.

Makeup kit: Women feel good when they look good.Makeup kit is every girl’s treasure and every women carries her makeup with her. Make up makes a women confident. So, it’s another important product in mysterious handbag.

Hand Sanitizer: Women like to keep themselves clean and hygienic. Hand sanitizer is the basic need for every girl and is always in the hidden pocket of her handbag.

Keys: Women are the owner of their belongings, so owner always have the keys to the gateway.

Chocolate: Chocolates are stress relieving and favorite of almost every women.Women love to carry small chocolates in their bag and eat them all by themselves. These are seldom shared.

Sunglasses: Sunglasses helps to protect from sun rays as well as gives a trendy look. There is always a space for them in a purse.

Wallet: Every handbags contains a mini wallet, that is basically for carrying all the credit cards, money or any essential coupons. Kept in a separate corner in the bag, women feels pride carrying these essential items in her bag.

Hair-ties: Girls are moody, they love to play with their hair. Sometimes they loosen their hair and sometimes they grab and tighten them for a comfortable look. For all these different looks, they always carry hair ties like rubber-bands, bobby pins in their handbag.

Pepper-Spray: Girls who feel insecure always carry pepper spray for their safety. It is always kept on the top pocket of the mysterious handbag so that it can be taken out easily whenever required.

Band-Aid: For cuts, bruises and other things one can always rush to a girl as she has the first-aid box with her in her secret handbag. Girls always carry all the essential things that are always helpful in emergency, in her secret bag.

So, next time you see a women with countless items in her bag, don’t question her. Women tend to have busy lives outside of school. Their busy lives can include being a mother or having a full time job. Every item that is in a woman’s bag has a reason for being there. Women don’t like to carry things they don’t have to.