/Things You Can Relate to If You Have Ever Been Through a Breakup
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Things You Can Relate to If You Have Ever Been Through a Breakup

Being in a relationship is the most beautiful thing and falling out of it is the most awful one. The odds are not in your favor and no matter how much effort you put to save it, it will ruin it every passing day.

On the other side there’s a realization that it has to end, which is usually incredibly painful.

Have you ever gone through breakup ? If yes, then you can relate to this for sure….. Heartbreaks are hard to  handle by most of the people especially the emotional ones. Breakup, saying goodbye to the person you were once close with and deeply in love with.We all have been there and we all know how it feels. Recovering from a breakup can be hard . There is pain and it is real for you. I believe 100 percent that a broken heart and emotional pain can negatively affects the physical health. Sometimes it feels like you are completely helpless and will never be able to get over it. In our dumbness we tend to do  things during that phase just to save it for one last time. Here are certain things every person does after breakup that you can surely relate to if you are going or had gone through a bad breakup.

Here are few things you can relate to if you have ever been through a breakup

1. Recalling Good Time of Past

Going through good old pictures and reading old conversations of you and your partner and endless crying.People read old conversations and start fantasizing about old time.

2. Telling Stories To Your Friends

Telling your friends about things you used to do in that relationship and then pretending like you have moved on but get back into the same feel  as soon as they leave you alone.

3. Doing Nothing

Lying all day in your bed and doing absolutely nothing except missing them,crying and overeating.

4. Sleepless And Crying Nights

Spending your initial nights of breakup in crying and missing them.There are many sleepless nights with endless crying. n the worst possible case you often dream about them and expect their calls and texts.

5. Social Sites Stalking

Stalking them on social sites just to see how they are doing and if they are sad too? Or if they are catching up with some new person of opposite sex posting pictures with them , wandering if they are still interested in you.

6. Efforts To Even Miss Them More

Doing and trying things which they love to do. Trying Chinese food just because they love although you hate chilly or try to develop habit of watching FIFA.

7. Sad Songs Make Sense

All Arijit Singh’s sad songs suddenly starts describing your story. You can relate to them and feel like they are made on your sad story. In the worst possible scenario you even start relating movies with your story.

8. House Arresting Yourself

Boycotting from all social media platforms, cutting people out of your life, not attending gathering just so to absorb yourself in the pain and surround yourself with the memories you both have spent together further missing him more.

9.  Sab Moh Maaya Hai

Giving lectures to your friends that love is non existent. Most commonly saying ,” chord yaar sab moh maaya hai “, trying to save the friends from going through the same destructive phase.