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Top 10 most Expensive Houses of India

A house is the most valuable asset in the life of every person, where he provides safety and comfort for his family. However, for some people who can afford luxurious and beautiful houses, they are more of a reflection of their personal taste and style. Such people spend millions on making their houses unique and extraordinary, as money is not a very big issue for them.

List of 10 most expensive Houses of India

  1. Mukesh Ambani’s Residence, Antila, MumbaiAntila is not only the most expensive house in India but it is most expensive house in the world with its value to reach the cost of 10,000 crore, occupying an area of 400000 sq feet. The house is a landmark of Mumbai. The building has 27 story and of which six are reserved for parking and three for helipad.
  2.  Anil Ambani’s residence, Adobe, Mumbai: Ambani Brother are making it to the top of the list. Anil Ambani’s luxurious house estimted cost reached 5000 crore or more.
  3. Sharukh khan’s Residence, Mannat, MumbaiMannat is the beautiful luxurious house of famous Bollywood super star Shahrukh Khan. It is located in Bandra locality of Mumbai. Shahrukh Khan’s house Mannat looks very lavish and the actor has spent every ounce of his time and money building it. Shahrukh Khan;s house Mannat looks very Victorian andis filled with exquisite furnishings.
  4. NCPA Apartments: This 4BKH apartment will cost you from 29crores to 39 crores. NCPA Apartment is situated at Nariman point, one of the most expensive area of the world. The project is well equipped with all the basic amenities to facilitate the needs of the residents. The site is in close proximity to various civic utilities.
  5. Ratan Tata’s Residence, Colaba, MumbaiRatan Tata is one of the best and most famous Industrialists of the world.  The magnificent bungalow of industrialist Ratan Tata, which is worth Rs 125-150 crore. Spread in 15, 000 square feet area, it has three storeys and six levels with an infinity pool at the top.
  6. JK House owned by Gautam Singhania: JK house situated at Breach Kandy Mumbai is one of the expensive house in India.  His home has 30 floors which include six floors for parking, one for a helipad, a museum, health center and an apartment for each family member with all the luxuries.
  7. White House in the sky The flamboyant business tycoon, Vijay Mallya, who owns Kingfisher Airlines as well as UB Group, is the owner of a lavish house, which he calls “White House in the Sky”. This luxurious mansion style home has been constructed in UB City, Bangalore and is worth well over Rs 100 crore.
  8. Navin Jindal’s Home Industrialist turned politician, Naveen Jindal, lives in an expensive bungalow which has an estimated cost of Rs 125 – 150 crore. The home is located in Delhi’s leafy Lutyens Bungalow Zone where prices have risen 8-folds in the past decade. The zone also houses bungalows of other famous industrialists like Sunil Mittal, KP Singh, Naveen Jindal, and LN Mittal.
  9. Rana Kapoor’s  Home at Tony Altamount Road Mumbai:  The family of YES Bank CEO and managing director Rana Kapoor has acquired residential building on tony Altamount Road in Mumbai for Rs 1.28 billoin, according to reports. The building is next to Mukesh Ambani’s 27-storey Antilla. Reports stated that it has six apartments in all, of which the US-based bank owns five while one is owned by the British healthcare firm. The building has been acquired in the name of Kapoor’s wife Bindu and a privately held company.

  10. Shashi Ruia and Ravi Ruia at Tees January Marg: Essar Group Chairman Shashi Ruia and Vice Chairman Ravi Ruia searched their new home all over the world but then settled for a lavish bungalow situated at Teen January Marg New Delhi. The bungalow is worth Rs. 100 Crore and have all luxurious features which are surely one of the ten most expensive homes in India.
 A big mansion like home with all the facilities is  the first choice of all these      industrialists and celebrities.

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