/5 Reasons Growing a Beard is the Best Thing You’ll Ever Do
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5 Reasons Growing a Beard is the Best Thing You’ll Ever Do

A good beard is a very effective thing just like a good stitched dress. A man looks like  a man with a beard. The beard is the gift given to man by  nature and is absolutely free of cost.

A man with beard looks sophisticated, handsome and it enhances the overall persona. Here are some pointers that will give you abundant of convincing reasons as to why you should grow a beard.

5 Reasons Why Every Man Should Grow A Beard

1. Make you feel masculine

There is nothing compared to a good feeling of having a beard which in turn makes you feel like a tough and a rigid man. There’s an added toughness to a man who possesses  a good beard rather than a man without beard.

2. Prevent UV rays

Scientific studies have shown that a man with thick beard are lesser prone to the UV radiations as compared to the man without beard. Beard also helps to prevent the risk of skin cancer.

3. Help to keep the skin moist

Shaving can leave the skin rough and tight. Sometimes dry patches start forming on your skin. But if you have beard, you don’t need to worry about these problems as the beard moisten the skin and retains the skin’s natural balance.

4. Save your money

Growing a beard helps you to save your money to a great extent. From shaving cream to the razors you can save your money.

5. Beard act as air filters

In a study, it was found that the bearded men are lesser prone to the allergic problems, asthma, breathing problems  and other respiratory illnesses. Thus, beards act as natural air filter and traps all the allergic pollen grains, or other substance that may otherwise irritate you.

So, men go with your beard and make a bold statement. out there.