/6 Trendy Footwear That Every Women Must Have In Her Wardrobe
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6 Trendy Footwear That Every Women Must Have In Her Wardrobe

Aside from diamonds, we are very much sure shoes are a women’s best friend. Women have many different types of footwear like heels, plenty of sandals and all the newest sneaker that came out. They have a curiosity to buy shoes for every major occasion but they don’t buy boots as often. So if you are looking to make investment this season then here is an easy guide to help you. Here are classic shoes that every fashionable women should have in her wardrobe.

6 Shoes Every Girl Must Have In Her Wardrobe

1. Classic Pump

A pump is a classic addition to any women’s wardrobe. This pair of polished pumps will never let you down from the office to your evenings out.

2. Casual Kicks

The basic worth investing in wardrobe is pair of cute kicks and they look cool with jeans.

3. Ankle Boots

If you don’t want to wear knee-highs and still want the look of a boot then ankle boots are best for you. There is no wonder that these boots have a huge celebrity following.

4. Mule Boots

Mules are shoes with no fitting around the heel (i.e. they are backless).

4. Knee-length Boots

Knee-length boots are most versatile type of fashion boot. They can be worn with skirts or dress of any length, or with leggings. A boot that hits the leg just below the knee is thought to be particularly stylish.

6. Craft-length Boots

Because the top of this boot hits the curve of the leg at the widest point of the calf it is regarded by stylists as particularly challenging to wear; even average legs can look fat. For this reason, calf-length boots are usually worn under pants or with long skirts that cover the top of the boot

With our style guide these 6 boots you can add in your wardrobe. You will be ready to look fantastic. These boots are fun, chic and versatile. You will loved to wear these boots.