/Five New Features of Xiaomi MiUI 9 and How to Install It on Your Device

Five New Features of Xiaomi MiUI 9 and How to Install It on Your Device

All of us know that Xiaomi has added a lot of features and its consumer specific features customized as per the demand in the market gives it an edge over other brands. By this time you must have gotten high on expectations but need not worry; as per their reputation they’ll definitely deliver the best. Xiaomi revealed the new version of its custom user interface MiUI 9 at an event in Beijing, China.

This UI is available for a few Xiaomi smartphones in China but is expected to be available globally. These features will be available in every phone within 2 to 4 months. While MiUI 9 is an overall improved version of the previously released phones, it also give us some best new features like image search, smart app Launcher, smart assistant, split screen multitasking and many more. These enhancing features will take Xiaomi to a  whole new level.

Xiaomi MiUI 9- New Features & How to Get It Right Now

1. Image Search

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The new smart App enhanced Image Search option is available in the gallery. You can search your photo library based on people, locations, events, expression (including smile, sad etc), and even screenshots. Google photos also have the same feature but MiUI 9 is much better for finding images easily on the phone.

2. Smart App Launcher

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No need to go back to the home screen and search for the app. The smart app launcher enables the usres to quickly switch  between the applications based on the information that they actually want to see on the screen.

3. Smart Assistant

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Like Google, Xiaomi is coming up with its own Smart Assistant. It is a smart AI who will search for photos, notes, texts and do other tasks also. Smart Assistant will give users access to all their important information at one place.

4. Split Screen Multitasking

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Xiaomi devices with MiUI 9 will finally give us a feature of Multitasking Split Screen. Now users can split your screen and do multiple task. They need to tab onto the recent button and they will get an option of ‘Split Screen Mode’ on the top. The apps which will not support split screen mode will be overlapping the apps stating the same.

5. New Security App

The security app will get new updates on Xiaomi with MiUI 9. This security app will include boost speed, Dual Apps, App lock, Second Space and best one is Manage Apps with which users will get a clean layout on their device so that they can easily read all the things at once.

How to Install MiUI 9 on Your Device?

Step 1.

Make sure, you are selected for the MiUI Beta Team, and then log into your Xiaomi device with the same User ID. If you are not a member yet, download Xiaomi MiUI Forum, and register yourself.

Step 2.

Now, open Updater, and Check for Updates. You will see an update of ‘MIUI 9 Lightning Fast’ version. Now, simply tap onto the Update option.

Step 3.

Sit back and relax. Upon successful download, restart your Xiaomi device. After it restarts, your device will be on the latest MiUI 9 Beta.