/Google Launches Android Oreo 8.0| What’s Different And Same Between ios 11 And Android Oreo 8.0

Google Launches Android Oreo 8.0| What’s Different And Same Between ios 11 And Android Oreo 8.0

Google always has a tradition for naming its versions after a dessert. Earlier, google name each Android versions alphabetically after sweet or candy. For example,their recent version was Nougat which is a “candy”.Before that was Marshmallow and before that Lollipop.Now they come up with a new idea of naming their  latest version as “Oreo Android 8.0”.

Google unveiled a statue of their new desert themed version at 14 street park at Manhattan on Monday,just as the eclipse high point started trailing off.The unveiling was done  across the street of Chelsea Market where Nabisco factory is located where the first Oreo was invented.

When will you get Android Oreo 8.0 on your Devices:

This version will be available in the mobile operation system.So,the first people to get Android O will be those using google devices,like Nexus 5Xor 6P, and the google pixel and Pixel XL. Google says that device manufacturers “including Essential, General Mobile, HMD Global Home of Nokia Phones, Huawei, HTC, Kyocera, LG, Motorola, Samsung, Sharp and Sony” will launch or update Oreo devices before the end of the year.

Android 8.0 vs ios 11:What’s different and What’s same


Google copies the user interaction with notification from ios.For user interaction ,user have to long press on an icon with notification badge reevels a pop-up menu that present the user with many tasks-Just like ios 3D touch interaction.

Google also have another feature there will be a three  dot on the top right  corner of the app’s icon to represent a notification. This has been a staple in iOS since the first iPhone and third-party Android launchers have long featured the scheme, too.

2.New Emoji s:-

Emoji’s are plays a important role in phones now a days as people are very addictive to emoji s as they are future of humanity.So,both the android and ios come up with new emoji s with its new update.

And with its new version Google redesigned its emoji s and are back with the round emoji s as traditional one are removed .Google’s new emoji follows apple move to increase the detail found on the little faces.

3.A Smarter Copy Paste:-

In android always there is a problem with the copy paste but oreo makes it even easier to copy text and perform action.It’s called Smart Text Selection when a user say an address ,highlight something then they will be displayed next to the standarad action of cut,copy and paste.

This is sort of Data detectors in ios But google feature look to be more comprehensive.

4.Picture in Picture:-

Earlier apple added this feature in iPad in ios9  now google is also adding this feature in Oreo android 8.0.But in android phones can get pip action which is not available in ios.

Android pip action means that it allows user to minimize a video and let it float on the top of the screen while other actions are performed.The video can be move all around the screen.

5.Auto Fill:-

Android finally come up with a new idea of automatically filling of user information like user name,password and address to different apps.Apps can now implement the auto fill API so the interaction is very easy.Where as the ios has the similar function but for the few apps like Amazon.

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