/Google Made Algorithm That Automatically Remove Watermarks From The Images
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Google Made Algorithm That Automatically Remove Watermarks From The Images

Earlier you have to search for hours to find perfect picture on Google and after getting that picture ,there is a big problem arises in it that is the picture is copyright with ugly watermarks on it. To remove these watermarks we have to pay the owner or Photoshop the picture. Even ,the Photoshop cannot properly remove the watermark label. How ever there is a good news, Google has come up with a new idea of removing watermarks from the stock of the pictures.

Researchers at Google has come up with a new computer algorithm that can easily remove watermarks from the pictures.Google researchers scientist Tali Dekel and Micheal Rubinstein write in a blog post ““We show that this consistency can be used to invert the watermarking process — that is, estimate the watermark image and its opacity, and recover the original, watermark-free image underneath. This can all be done automatically, without any user intervention or prior information about the watermark, and by only observing watermarked image collections publicly available online.”Therefore,they find a smart way to remove the watermarks from the picture without any trace.

However this method is done to help the stock image companies.The research team  suggested that the stock image website should adopt a more relevant watermark method,something that’s not repetitive but random.