/How to Find WiFi Password on Windows 10: 2 Easy Methods to Get an Access
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How to Find WiFi Password on Windows 10: 2 Easy Methods to Get an Access

Are the one who has updated your laptop windows to Windows 10. If you are one, initially you may face certain issues as Activating Windows 10, Avoiding inconvenient software update reboots, Updating old software to work with Windows 10, Changing privacy and WiFi Sense setting.

One more problem you may face if you are bad at remembering windows 10 WiFi passwords. For other versions of Windows other than windows 10 it is not that difficult to recover pass words but you must be facing some problem with Windows 10. If one you login your window 10 WiFi password on your laptop configured with Windows 10, the other time you switch on again, it again asks for your WiFi password and you forgot the password and moreover you forgot to write it down somewhere then this time you are in real trouble as you don’t know how to find WiFi password on Windows 10 then you are in the right place as we will provide with the solution on help you to find WiFi password on Windows 10

Method 1

If you are the one who has forgotten your WiFi  password,  then it can easily be found if you have some other device connected to same WiFi network. In this way what you can do is after getting access to the password, you can login it in another  device to connect to the desired  WiFi network you wanted to access to.

  1. In your Windows PC compatible with Windows 10  that is connected to the  WiFi network, follow the method:
    • On  your Windows 10 compatible PC,  select Settings  and the move to Network & Internet then click on Status  and finally on Network and Sharing Center.
  2. In the section of Network and Sharing Center, click on the WiFi network name and then click on  Wireless Properties.
  3. In the  Wireless Network Properties section, click on the Security, then click on the Show characters check box.
    Thus the WiFi network password will be displayed and thus your problem of ” hoe to find WiFi password on Windows 10″ will be soughed by this method and all you need to do is enter your WiFi password and thus enjoy your Internet.

Method 2

If your WiFi network  is out of range, the you will have to choose a different method to find the WiFi password you’ll have to use a command prompt, which is easier than it sounds:

  1.  Your need to click on “Open command prompt”, and make it run as an administrator.
  2. All you need is to type the following command: netsh wlan show profile
  3. This command will provide with a list every WiFi profile that you are connected to or once connected to. In order to find the password of a specific network you want the password of, then all you need is to enter the following command, to substitute “NETWORK NAME” with the desired WiFi network you’researching for:

netsh wlan show profile “NETWORK NAME” key=clear

By this method you will get the easy access to the  WiFi password in ‘key content,’ in the security settings.

We have provided you with the two methods through which you can easily recover your WiFi password and thus your problem of ” how to find WiFi password on Windows 10 ” will be soughed.