/Apple Revealed iPhone X SE Release Date and Price Information
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Apple Revealed iPhone X SE Release Date and Price Information

Apple is the Global company, which has its own set of fans world wide. There are about 700 million iPhone users worldwide. Apple provide its users  with powerful built-in features and outside outlook. In the 4th quarter of every year, Apple launches its new devices with exciting features. Similarly this year also Apple is all set to launch its new iPhone X SE (SE 2). The world is eagerly waiting for Apple to unveil iPhone X SE (SE 2) Release Date, Price and its model by the end of the year 2018.

iPhone X SE (SE 2) Release Date, Price & Comparison

Since the last production of iPhone X was not that successful, but this time Tim Cook, will possibly do something in terms of price, technical specifications in order to boost its sales and hopefully new exciting features will be added, which is an good news to all the Apple lovers out there.

The iPhone SE 2 release date, price as well as the technical specifications has not being disclosed by the Apple till date through a reliable source although some sources revel that Apple has started sending out invites for the event to be held on March 27 in Chicago. It is also expected that new iPads and MacBooks may also make an appearance at the event along with the SE series. We came to know that iPhone X SE will be blend of cutting-edge iPhone X technology with a lower asking price and there will be three launches of iPhone this year.

Comparison between iPhone SE and iPhone X SE (SE 2)

If we compare the first generation iPhone to the second generation iPhone SE they differ on these grounds-

  • Along with the polarising notch, Face ID has been added.
  • An iPhone X inspired facia with no home button.
  • Removal of the headphone jack.
  • The angular aluminium chassis has been kept.

What is missing and can’t be seen is whether ‘iPhone SE 2’ or ‘iPhone X SE’ has a dual camera. Such a move would necessitate additional RAM since Apple has always said this is why the iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 7 Plus have 3GB rather than the 2GB featured in the smaller iPhone 8 and iPhone 7. So will Apple really bring a dual camera to an SE edition iPhone?

Due to added durability over the glass back of iPhone X owing to cost saving aluminium chassis, it is estimated that consumers will prefer iPhone X SE. Whether this means no wireless charging, however, remains to be seen.

iPhone SE has just a 4-inch display and numerous links contrary to the thoughts of acclaimed Apple insider Ming-Chi Kuo who stated that the iPhone X SE will have a massive 6.1 or 6.2-inch screen.

In fact, the only thing that is likely to worry customers about this new iPhone, is a common Apple concern: the price. Right now the iPhone SE costs just $350 while the iPhone X SE could launch for as much as $799 thereby making it costly than an iPhone 8.

Price & Release Details of Latest Editions of iPhone X, SE & Plus to be released in 2018

This new range of Apple will consist of an iPhone X SE, second generation iPhone X, and all-new 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus so retail prices of $799, $999 and $1199 (each with $150 256GB storage upgrade options) fits perfectly.

YouTube Video of iPhone SE 2 that is set to be Launched in 2018