/LG V30: High Quality Audio System, Release Date and Expected Features
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LG V30: High Quality Audio System, Release Date and Expected Features

Smart phones have replaced many music devices such as iPod and MP3 players and most of the people are using it for listening music. But not all the smartphone are created equal when it comes to playback music. Keeping this thing in mind, LG announced a handset full of features that will put its latest V series model well above other phones on the market. They are set to unveil its latest model LGV30 on August 31 in Berlin.

This Monday, LG took to its official newsroom to introduce in detail the audio function that are present in V30. Like its earlier series, V30 will have  LG’s Hi-Fi Quad DAC, but this time they add extra features in it ,they come with digital filters and user will have more options when it comes to customizing the phone sound. The V30 will have four-programmed sound settings-design, detailed, live and bass that user can select based upon their preferences.  In a statement LG said, “Even with ordinary equipment, LG V30 users can experience much of the high-quality audio enjoyed by listeners using expensive headsets. ”

LG Long Term Partnership With B& Q Play:-

The LG phone makers again tie up with Danish Premium Audio B&Q Play for its technology. The earphones included in the V30 box will be B&Q play branded.In addition ,the best part of the phone is that V30 will act as HD Audio Recoder. The audio receiver can double as microphone using receiver as Mic or RAM.  “For most people, listening to the music they love is a fundamental part of their lives and they expect the same uncompromised experience and quality from their headphones as they do from the mobile device they source music from,” B&O Play CEO John Mollanger said. “That’s why B&O PLAY is very excited for our long-term partnership with LG and satisfying global music lovers world over.”

Expected Features of LG V30:-

LG V30 is expected to launch with 6-inch OLED display with a Snapdragon 835 and 6GB of RAM inside. A dual camera setup is also expected with 16MP (standard angle) and 13MP (optical angle) lenses and a 3,200mAh battery. Just a few days ago, LG also confirmed the camera V30 is going to sport. In a blog post, the company confirmed that the V30 will house a F1.6 aperture camera, technically making it the fastest smartphone camera in the market today. If rumors are to be believed, the LG V30 might cost around 700 . “With the V30, LG and our partners are pushing the boundaries of smartphone audio to enable a more bespoke listening experiences,” LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company President Juno Cho said.