/10 Amazing Beauty Hacks With Baby Powder That Actually Work
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10 Amazing Beauty Hacks With Baby Powder That Actually Work

You can’t carry your whole cosmetics bag everywhere — and we don’t think you would need to do. But when you’re having a beauty emergency or need a quick fix to an irritating makeup issue in a minute, what do you do?

Well the solution you’re looking for your makeup problem is baby powder. Baby powder can help you with a number of struggles, and you might be shocked by just how many ways it can make your get-ready routine easier and cheaper. Here is the list of 10 easy baby powder beauty hacks that will change how you use baby powder. They don’t just smell good, they also do a lot of good!

Baby Powder Beauty Hacks & Tips That You Won’t Believe Actually Work

1. Thicken Eyelashes

source- women’s feed

For thicker, fuller lashes without using pesky falsies, brush baby powder onto freshly curled and painted lashes. Finish the look with a final few coats of mascara and get ready to be wow-ed at the pumped up results.

2. Makeup lightening

If you want to lighten your makeup that might not be your exact color, adding power is the quick fix that you need.

3. Use it as a dry shampoo

Dust on a little baby powder on your roots to instantly soak up excess oil and grease, then run a brush through your hair to blend it in. Baby powder will help to absorb any oil on the scalp and boost volume.

4. Make your lipstick last longer

After you apply lipstick place thin tissue on your lips and run a brush dipped baby powder over the tissue. Remove the tissue and apply another quote of the lipstick over your lips. The lipstick will stay longer.

5. Remove excess shine

Apply baby powder on the T-zone with a powder brush to keep oil at bay. Make sure to tap the brush to remove excess powder before you apply.

6. Fill in your brows

After using a brow pencil to fill in sparse areas, sprinkle baby powder onto a brow brush and comb through to plump up each hair.

7. Keep Shoes Smelling Good

source- Brit+ co

If you or someone in your house tends to have stinky shoes, baby powder can do wonders to eliminate that odor. Just sprinkle a generous amount of baby powder inside all of your shoes that have odor and allow them to sit overnight. The smell will disappear and will also soak up any sweat or moisture in them.

8. Make an Acne Fighting Mask

Do you want to learn a very easy way to fight acne? Mix water and talcum powder until it becomes a paste, put it over the face for 30 minutes and then rinse afterwards.

9. Less Painful Waxing

Waxing may be great for removing that unwanted hair but it can leave behind unwanted pain and redness. If you apply just a bit of baby powder before you apply your wax, it will help to make the entire process less painful. Baby powder absorbs moisture, making it easier for wax to stick to individual hairs.

10. Anti- Chafing Hack

source- Brit+co

Runners and gym-rats swear by baby powder as an anti-chafing agent, which eases the friction against areas that rub together while you work out. Just sprinkle the powder anywhere that you normally chafe before you run. It will help to eliminate friction when you run so your skin will stay smooth and pain-free.

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