/5 Common Make-Up Mistakes Not to Make While Trying to Have Natural Look
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5 Common Make-Up Mistakes Not to Make While Trying to Have Natural Look

Make up is admired by most of the women, but there are some people who over do it because they don’t know where to stop, and they do not have perfect definitions which may results in over makeup look,since excess of everything is bad, specially for college and school going girls who wants to keep it simple.

where over makeup may give you a tacky look. On the other hand, there are some people who want to keep it natural yet want a gorgeous and attractive look for them. Here, are some mistakes that you need to check upon while applying makeup to obtain a natural look.

Five Tips For No Makeup Look

1. Too much blush:-

A little blush is pretty good but more of it will give you a complete makeup look. So if u want a no makeup look, apply a little dab of blush with a lighter shade on the cheeks and smudge it fully. You can use creme blush or let your lipstick to use as a blush to get a fresh and dewy look.

2. Go less with the eye-liner:-

Go easy with eye-liner,I personally know the urge of making eye-liner more dramatic and winged once you start applying it. So stop yourself from “just a bit more”. Instead of using black kohl or gel eye-liner, go for little dark brown or grayish color to give your eyes a little definition. A soft liner on upper lid will give you more of that natural look which you want.

3. Too tanned:-

A little bronze is essential to get that sun-kissed look, but like everything, do not over do it. Stick to the basic areas like on cheeks and forehead. Also use a wider brush that will give you a diffused and uniform look all over.

4. More Mascara Drama:-

Mascara for sure makes your eyes wide and add more drama to it, but if you want a no makeup look just apply one coat because mascara easily gives heavy and clumsy look, so avoid multiple layers of mascara. just one coat on upper lashes will give you a natural desirable look.

5. Over Lip color:-

Using dark lip colors and dark lip liners will definitely give you a bold and attractive look, but not the natural one. So for no makeup look use natural basic colors or little lip balm which will provide moisture to your lips.

So, girls if you don’t want much over makeup look so go for these tips which will give you attractive yet a natural look.