/Brilliant Tinder Hacks To Get More Matches
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Brilliant Tinder Hacks To Get More Matches

During its initial stages internet was developed for information sharing. Who would have thought that internet would have surrounded our lives like an irreplaceable wall. Internet has impacted our social life in such a way that 1 in every 5 relationship are influenced online. By virtue of man existence anything and everything  can never be satisfactory for him and he craved for his desires so much than he jumps into apps like Tinder. And I had a friend who was suffering from the same infection. He even after using Tinder in all parts of the day he was not able to get sufficient matches. And what was more depressing he was not able to get even a single right swipe. So I took upon myself the task to help him. And out of my imagination I succeeded in accomplishing this self assigned tasks.

First of all a simple insight into personality he is much of average looking guy. So the hacks I am about to tell will benefit most of you.

Ways to get more tinder matches

1.Market yourself in such a way that she would spendmore time looking at it than she actually would

With so much information present in the internet people aren’t able to differentiate whats best for them and what to ignore. So you need to market yourself in such a way that she can’t resist to stare. This could be simple phrase of lines she can relate to or a note about yourself. Try to be as much conversational and genuine as you can be. Try not to wear sunglasses as it turns out it reduces your chances as much as 15%.

All the truth out there about girls are generally looking for simple, smart guys is simply a myth. They are usually attracted by guys having a simple mystery in them. So try to be as genuine as you could but try to preserve as much mystery as you can.

2. On the second page try to be as much personal as you can be

 I asked the girl to swipe right if she feels like she can spend some time time with me. The main prospect of social media is to be able to engage your user as much as you can. It has been felt that you have a better chance of getting accepted if you keep them informed as much as you could. Don’t try to present yourself as stud but also don’t present yourself as helpless and try to gain as much sympathy as you can. I told them I was new in the city and I don’t have any friend so this gave them another reason to say ‘yes’.

3. With so much quantity and emotional touch your chances have skyrocketed

 Only an Indian male can relate to the misery of finding a girl in an online dating site and the chances of her texting first are infinitely lower. So you wouldn’t believe when I am saying that some of them actually texted me first.

So now is your chance to shine baby.

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