/5 Unbelievable Historical Facts About Raghunath Temple In Jammu
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5 Unbelievable Historical Facts About Raghunath Temple In Jammu

Raghunath Temple is the most ancient temple with amazing historical facts. It is located in Jammu city of state Jammu and Kashmir and is one of the largest temple complexes of the North India. Raghunath Mandir is the important crusade of Jammu and is one of the biggest temple in north India. The temple is devoted to lord Rama. This temple is a beautiful example of Indian heritage. The construction of the Raghunath temple was started by then Maharaja Kashmir Gulab Singh in 1835 A.D. After his death the work was completed by his son Maharaja Ranbir Singh in 1860.

Raghunath Mandir comprise of a complex of seven Hindu shrines, each with its own Shikhara (mountain peak), but the directing idol is Rama, an Avatar of Vishnu. Raghunath Temple is built with gold which is the symbol of grace. There are idols of many Goddess in this temple. The lingam of all the 33 Crores of deities of Hindu religion are built in this temple which is historical in nature and this Quality Identify this temple with rest of the temples of India.

Five Unbelievable Historical Facts About Raghunath Mandir, Jammu

  • The black color of Ram ji’s idol separate this temple from others because you would never spot an idol of Ram ji in black. Rajinder Shastri, who is the priest of Raghunath temple, read out a shlok from shastra which provides evidence that Ram ji’s color was black.
  • The position of shri hanumam ji’s idol infront of the idol of Raghunath ji because usually hanuman ji’s idol is placed next to the idol of Raghunath ji which defies shastras.
  • The temple is a home of eight rooms where 12,25,000 shaligrams are stowed. The eight rooms house: Krishna’s family, Vishnu ji’s 24 avatars, Chaar(four) dhaam, Satya Narayan, Badri Narayan, Shiv Puri, Dharam Raj, Surya Narayan.
  • There are 14 sub temples inside the raghunath temple which includes temple of Ganeshaji, Vishnu ji, shatrugan ji, Radha Krishna ji, Bharat ji, Narsingh ji, Varah ji, Navdurga ji, Virat ji, Brahman ji, Matasya ji, shiv ji, Kashyap ji and lakshmi narayan ji.
  • Raghunath temple houses world’s biggest crystal shivling (Safatik) and five temples can be spotted as one moves from east to west namely- Samarak Maharaj Amar Singh ji, Samarak Maharaj Gulab Singh ji, Shri Hanuman ji, Temple of Shri Gayatri mata ji and Vedas, Samarak Maharaja Ranbir Singh ji.

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