/Baba Buddha Amarnath: History, Story, Wiki, Yatra and Some Interesting Facts
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Baba Buddha Amarnath: History, Story, Wiki, Yatra and Some Interesting Facts

Buddha Amarnath ji “Chattani” is an ancient temple, dedicated to Hindu deity Shiva. It is located in the village of Rajpura in tehsil Mandi of Poonch district. Buddha Amarnath ji is located between the beautiful hills and valleys in the left of the river Pulasti. 

The climate of this place is very cool and pleasant. Shivlinga of this temple is not naturally formed and made up of white stone. There are four doors in the temple north, east, west and south sides which indicate that the doors are open for all varnas. According to common belief Budha Amarnath “Chattani” is much older than Amarnath ji of Kashmir. This temple stands out from the rest of the temples as it is the only Shiva temple that is not located on hilltop but rather at a foothill.

Baba Buddha Amarnath: History, Story, Wiki, Yatra and Some Interesting Facts

Facts Related To  Buddha Amarnath

  • A folk tale sung by the native people about the origin of this temple claims that Lord Shiva, along with his wife Goddess Parvati were on their way to Amarnath in the Kailash Parvat and during that trip made a halt at Budha Amarnath ji.
  • Another mythology associated with this shrine is about  Rishi Pulasta, the grandfather of the Ravana. It is said that he had a darshan of Lord Shiva at Buddha Amarnath ji. It is believed that  the pilgrimage to Amarnath cave in Kashmir remains incomplete without a visit to this place.
  • Before partition between India and Pakistan, a large number of people usually used to visit Shri Buddha Amarnath ji through areas now illegally occupied by Pakistan. Now thousands of people from different parts of the country visit Buddha Amarnathji yatra, on Raksha Bandhan and also on the eve of Shivratri.

Pictures of Buddha Amarnath

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In and Around The Temple

The shrine is situated in the Pir Panjal range of Himalayas. This place is surrounded by two beautiful snow bound hills, green trees and river Pulasta, which got its name from Rishi Pulasta who  performed tapaasya on it’s bank . The temple is constructed from a single big stone . A large number of old and new idols have also have been placed inside the temple premises and Lord Shiva manifested himself in the form of ‘Chakmak’ white stone which is natural Shiv Lingham. In the holy temple of the Baba Buddha Amarnath ji, the devotees have a dip in a river that flows at a position directly lower than the temple with regard to purification and then have Darshan of immortal Lord Shiva.

Buddha Amarnath Yatra

On the first week of August  yatra takes off from Jammu and reaches Poonch. When the yatries reaches Poonch town they stay in Poonch city for night and on the morning leave for the Buddha Amarnath temple to perform  Darshan of the holy Baba Buddha Amarnath ‘Chattani’ .Two days before the commencement a ‘Chhari yatra’ leaves from Dashnami Akhara in  Poonch town to the holy Shrine.In the morning, the pooja of the chhari Mubarak starts with a havan, chanting of mantras and satsang in Dashnami Akhara Poonch. The holy yatra for Shri Baba Buddha Amarnath ji temple is usually flagged off at Poonch after  paying respect to Lord Shiva. .On the last day of yatra,on the occasion of  Raksha Bandhan, a big gathering is assembled which is referred to as  Buddha Amarnath Ji Mela  at the Shrine. Devotees from all across the country gather on the occasion of Shravan Poornima to worship Lord Shiva .
A guard of honour is  offered to Chhari Mubarak at the front gate of Dashnami Akhara and the holy Mace is taken by the swami ji from Poonch Town toward Shri Buddha Amarnath ji.

How to reach Buddha Amarnath

Buddha Amarnath Distance From Jammu

One can reach Buddha Amarnath by private or public transport. The nearest railway station is Jammu Tawi railway station. It is well linked with other parts of India, which is about 230 km from Poonch city. From there you can catch a taxi or bus. Buses usually run at an interval of 6 hours to poonch .

The boarding, lodging facilities are also provided to yatries by the mandir committees of Dashnami Akhara Poonch and Buddha Amarnath Mand.

Location of Buddha Amarnath:

The Holy Temple of Chattani Baba Buddha Amarnath is situated in North – West Poonch district of Jammu in Jammu & Kashmir. The Chattani Baba Buddha Amarnath’s  is located 4600 feet above sea level, the shrine is located amid with picturesque surroundings.

Best time to visit Buddha Amarnath

During winter season this entire region is blanketed with snow. The temperature reaches minus degree during winter season. Adventurous tourist resolve to visit the region during winters to participate in winter sports. During summers climate is cool and pleasant. If one has to participate in the holy Mace then one must visit the shrine on the first week of August. If one wishes to see this place coming to life then don’t forget to visit the place on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan. It is also believed that Lord Shiva visited the place on the eve of Shivratri.


“Important Note: Before planning a trip to Buddha Amarnath one must keep in mind,that the route closes and passage is not allowed from evening 4.00 pm to 7.00 am and the passage is only allowed once the military officers check the complete route and is safe to pass.  As the route is close to India – Pakistan border it is always under the threat from Pakistan.”