/Celebrating Girl Child: Piplantri Village that Plants 111 Trees Everytime a Girl is Born
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Celebrating Girl Child: Piplantri Village that Plants 111 Trees Everytime a Girl is Born

Gender stereotyping begins as soon as the doctor says, “It’s a girl”. Right from the beginning women struggle a lot and face heinous problems such as dowry, domestic violence, disparity in education, child marriage, sexual harassment, selective abortion, female infanticide etc. Female infanticide is one of the most common practice of killing girl child inside the mother’s womb which is still a prevalent practice in villages.

Piplantri villages in the eastern state of Rajasthan defies all the established notions set against women. Here’s a detailed information about Piplantri village displaying their culture of celebrating girl child.

Story of Piplantri Village in Rajasthan which Celebrates the Birth of Baby Girl by Planting 111 Trees

There is a village in Rajsamand district in Rajasthan named Piplantri which is different from most of the villages because it not only embraces daughters but also carries on a tradition of planting one hundred and eleven trees every time on the occasion on the birth of girl child. After the birth of a girl child, the villagers endow Rs 21,000 collectively and take Rs 10,000 from the parents to put it in fixed deposit, which can be broken when she becomes 20 years old.

This tradition was started by village’s former Sarpanch Shyam Sunder Paliwal in 2006, who lost his daughter when she was very young. Initially, he faced lots of obstacles while executing his plan of planting 111 trees every time a girl is born but eventually his practice gained recognition and this village received several awards of appreciation for practicing this unique concept.

Shyam Sunder Paliwal initiated this brilliant exercise of Eco-feminism which has set a great example in the path of women empowerment. This tradition of honoring the birth of a girl child helps in creating a healthy environment. Some of the common trees that are planted in the village includes Neem, Amla, Mango etc. This initiative has also upsurged the town’s economy.

Under Kiran Nidhi Yojana adopted by Paliwal, the grandmothers, aunts, elderly ladies and women self help groups take care of the maintenance of trees.

An oath is taken from parents on a stamp paper which implicates the following conditions:

  • In my family no one will be involved in infanticide.
  • Planted 111 trees on the birth of the girl child who will be nurtured with equal care.
  • I will contribute this money (collected on the birth of girl child) on my daughter’s higher education and wedding.
  • At the birth of girl child the planted trees will be the property of the village.
  • Child marriage of daughter will not be allowed under any condition.
  • I will not keep her away from getting education.

Piplantri village with its exemplary practices have definitely set a bench mark for people. We all need to work hard towards implementing more and more such women empowerment practices to drift India towards a better India.

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