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Raghunath Mandir: The Temple Devoted to 33 Crore Deities

Jammu is famous for its Temples and is referred to as the city of Temples. Although there are many shrines dedicated to different Indian Gods but Raghunath Mandir is one such place in Jammu which is famous for 33 crore deities that are worshiped in this temple. Raghunath Temple is dedicated to Lord Raghunath commonly known as Rama an avatar of Lord Vishnu. This Mandir consists of eight rooms which is a home to 12,25,000 Shaligrams – Krishna’s family, Vishnu ji’s 24 avatars, Chaar(four) dhaam, Satya Narayan, Badri Narayan, Shiv Puri, Dharam Raj and Surya Narayan.

Tourists come here to enjoy the blissful experience and to pray in the beautiful temple of Raghunath. People come here to perform ‘puja’ in the Mandir complex to acquire blessing of Lord Rama and Vishnu. The Mandir was built with the orders from Maharaja Ranjit Singh during the period of 1822-1860, when Jammu was under the administration of Maharaja Gulab Singh.

 Ancient History of Raghunath Temple

In 1835, the construction of this temple was started by Maharaja Gulab Singh. He built spiral shaped temples with brick and crowned each tower with bright Kalashas in the shape of shikhara(rising tower). After the death of Gulab Singh, it was completed by his son, Maharaja Ranbir Singh in 1860. A glimpse of Mughal artistry can be seen in the architecture of Raghunath Temple. The designs and dome are really beautiful and grasp the major attention. The inner walls of the main temple are covered with gold sheet on three sides which symbolizes grace.

There are many idols of different Goddess in this temple. The lingam (phallic form of Lord Shiva) of all 33 Crores deities of Hindu religion are built in the temple which differentiates this temple from the rest of the temples in India. The central shrine is dedicated to Lord Raghunath/ Rama. Apart from the main shrine, the other shrines are basically the various incarnations of Lord Vishnu. There is a shrine of Lord Surya (Sun God), which is yet another crucial shrine. The temple complex also houses a library, where rare Sanskrit manuscripts are kept. The niches in the wall of the shrines are decorated with 300 well crafted images of goddess. The paintings in the 15 panels of the main shrine are based on themes from Ramayana, Mahabharata,and Bhagavad Gita.

Festivals Celebrated in Raghunath Temple, Jammu

The land of Jammu is a union of different communities and is culturally very rich. Tourists from different parts of India come to Raghunath Mandir, specially on Dussehra. Dussehra is celebrated with lot of extravagance and large number of pilgrims visit here in the month of October to offer prayers. This festival is celebrated for seven days with lot of splendor and glory. Raghunath Mandir is famous for this seven day festival. The entire atmosphere of the region is filled with festivity and joy.

Terrorist Attack on Raghunath Temple, Jammu

In 2002, two terrorist attacks happened on the Raghunath Temple in Jammu, India. On 30 March  2002, a terrorist first attacked with two suicide bombers in the market area and then entered the temple. Eleven persons including three security persons were killed and 20 were injured in this attack. The second attack took place after nine months at the Temple on 24 November 2002, when the people were performing ‘puja’ in the Mandir. This time 13 devotees were killed and several injured.

Pictures of Raghunath Temple (Mandir), Jammu:

Below is a gallery of Raghunath Temple that reflect the grandeur of this place.

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Raghunath Temple Timings

6.00 AM – 8.00 PM

Raghunath Temple Pooja (Prayer) Timings

Morning: Before Sunrise

Evening: After Sunset

Address of Raghunath Temple, Jammu

Fatthu Chaugan, Pakki Dhaki, Old Heritage City, Jammu and Kashmir- 180001

How to reach or Location of Raghunath Temple, Jammu

Travelling to Raghunath Temple is convenient because it is located in the heart of Jammu.

How to reach Raghunath Mandir by Air:

Pilgrims can reach Kashmir via airports at Srinagar, Ladakh and Jammu. From there, one can take hired vehicles to the temple. Raghunath temple is 5 km away from Jammu Airport.

How to reach Raghunath Mandir by Road:

Pilgrims can also travel by road to the temple. However, the best thing is to first reach Tawi Railway Station. The distance between the temple and station is about 5.7 km. Luxury taxies are available for convenience of tourists to travel across Jammu. Local Transport like City buses, Mini buses/Matadors, taxis and auto-rickshaws are also available for Raghunath Temple.

How to reach Raghunath Mandir by Rail:

There is an extensive railway network connecting Jammu to the rest of India via Tawi Railway Station. There are many popular fast trains running through the region connecting important towns and cities:

  • Jammu Rajdhani Express to New Delhi.
  • Shalimar Express to Delhi Sarai.
  • Vivek Express to Mumbai.
  • Shalimar Express to Delhi.

The extensive network of roads and railways has made Jammu one of the best and convenient spot for both pilgrimage and vacations.

Accommodation or Hotels near Raghunath Temple, Jammu

There are lots of hotels near Raghunath Temple. If you’re looking forward for assistance and extra discounts then you can visit here.

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