/Newly Wedded, Here are 10 Romantic Places in Venice You Can Visit With Your Spouse
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Newly Wedded, Here are 10 Romantic Places in Venice You Can Visit With Your Spouse

For travelling we don’t have to wait for summer or winter time. We travel when we want to! For all those who are travel freaks they just pack their bags whenever they want to travel in any month of the year and travelling with a partner –be it a spouse, friend or parents can make your experience much more joy able and memorable.

If you’re recently wedded and are looking for some romantic places for your honeymoon, then Venice has some exotic places where you can capture some beautiful moments with your loved ones.

Ten Best Romantic Places to visit in Venice:

(10). Bridge of sighs

The bridge is made up of white lime stones, and has windows with stone bars. The bridge of sighs become the symbol of love in a city. It is said to believe that if a couple kisses under the bridge their love will last forever. So, if a couple wants that their love last forever then they should visit this place.

(9). San Giorgio Maggiore

It is a small island located across the lagoon from St. Mark’s Square.  Visitors can ride an elevator to the top of the church’s bell tower to enjoy a spectacular view of Venice. Its view is one of that every visitor of Venice recognizes and it is probably amongst the most photographed sites in the city.

(8). Ca’d’ Oro

If you want to see some old architectural monuments, paintings and antiques then you should visit this place. It is basically a museum which contains some old art, renaissance paintings and the place still houses Franchetti’s collection, which includes the work of famous artists such as Titian, Jan van Eyck and Anthony van EYCK. Originally it is known as the Palazzo Santa Sofia but now known as the Ca’d’ Oro (ca stands for casa).

(7). Santa Maria Della Salute

Venice is basically a well-known country for its churches, there are more than 250 churches in Venice and Santa Maria Della Salute well known and famous church over there Commonly called as La Salute, this is a roman catholic church which was built in 17th-century.The church has a statue that depicts the “Madonna of Health” and also collection of works by titian on display, including ceiling paintings.

(6). Ca’ Rezzonico

This is the museum of 18th century, designed by the greatest architect of the city, Baldassare Longhena. This place was the last home of   English poet Robert Browning. Today, the entire building is open to the public as the Museo Del Settecento. While many of the paintings on display are reproductions, the fabulous ceiling frescoes by the Tiepolo family are authentic and have been restored to their original glory.

(5). Piazza San Marco

If you are newly -wed couple and want to make your trip more memorable and a life remember time then it is only possible with  the collection of pictures . You should visit here with your loved one at least once to take some of the most beautiful pictures. This place is the city’s main gathering place of centuries .It is surrounded by open air cafes and landmark attractions. Piazza San Marco often known in English as St. Mark’s Square, is the city’s main gathering place for centuries.

(4).  Rialto Bridge

The Rialto Bridge is the famous of the bridges that cross the Grand Canal. If you are on budget, use the bridge as a starting point, and dive into the other nearby streets, just a few steps away from the bridge and their you can see many shops they are mostly jewelry shops and souvenir shops. Here couple can  purchase beautiful jewelry for their loved one to make their trip memorable.

(3). Doge’s Palace

Doge’s palace is the historical site in Venice, most of the visitors visit here to hear the strict rules of Venice Doge. Doge’s palace is a palace built in Venetian Gothic style, one of the main landmarks of the city of Venice in Italy. Visitors can also walk through hidden passageways to view the private council rooms, torture chambers and the prison cell.

(2). Grand Canal

Everyone has a dream to take Gondola ride once in their life and this city provides you that. Gandola ride is a romantic thing that you can enjoy with the person you love.This is one of the major water-traffic corridors in the city. There’s no better way to begin an exploration of Venice than with a gondola ride down the Grand Canal .

(1). St.Mark’s Basilica & Campanile

It is one of the most visited sights of Venice and a must see place. The Campanile is the bell tower of the St. Mark’s Basilica and one of Venice’s most recognizable landmarks. An elevator brings visitors straight to the top of the campanile, where they have a great view over Venice and the lagoon.

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