/10 People Who Got Rich from Stupid Products
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10 People Who Got Rich from Stupid Products

Everyone has millions of ideas but one best idea can make an extraordinary amount of hope. Even though the chance of success are minimal. There are many great invention that have lead the world forward. These include the engineer products we use every day to make our life easier. There are some products that happen no use and universally be regarded as very stupid.

So, here are ten people who got rich from these stupid products.

  1. Wishbones(Lucky Wishbone Company)

Traditionally, Wishbone Company is considered to be lucky. Technically, Wishbone taken from the meat of animals, is said to be broken into two parts but the lucky wishbone company do not use real bones. The first Lucky Wishbone opened at 4872 South 6th Avenue on a hot day in July of 1953. The wishbone is an oddly-shaped forked bone that’s the fusion of two clavicles called the furcula.

2. iFart(Joel Comm)

iFart mobile is an application for the iPhone and is distributed using the app store. The app features a stealth feature that triggers the “fart” after a set period of time, and a security feature that plays the sound if the iPhone is moved.

3. Fetal Greetings

Fetal Greetings is a website through which pregnant women can surprise their family and friends with the good news. This website provide surprise cards with illustration for the father.

4. Eternal Reefs

Eternal Reefs are permanent living legacies that memorialize the passing of a loved one by helping to preserve and protect the marine environment for the benefit of future generations.

5. Pet Rock

Pet Rock is ridiculous item on this list and its a common rock with googly eye. Pet rock is a collectible conceived in 1975 by advertising executive Gary Dahi.

6. Doggles

Doggles are dog goggles take on this list as a very idiotic products. The goggles look same as human goggles in design.

7. Excuses Absence Network

The Excuses Absence Network provides its customer no offended looking excuse notes for school, colleges or even offices. This is perhaps a stupid product in this list.

8. Slinky

Slinky is a toy, a pre-compressed helical spring invented by Richard James in the early 1940s and is used for releasing stress.

9. Santa Mail

Santa Mail is a business that is used for kids and it preserves their beliefs and their sentiments.

10. I Can Has Cheezburger (ICHC)

Cheezburger is a Seattle-based company founded in 2007 by Eric Nakagawa (Cheezburger).  This Cheezburger website is one of the most popular internet sites of its kind.

People Who Got Rich From Stupid Products