/6 Most Scary Islands Around The World You Have No Idea They Exists
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6 Most Scary Islands Around The World You Have No Idea They Exists

When you think of an island, you imagine, waking up with the sound of the waves, drinking your coffee on a patio in front of a turquoise sea watching birds flying around and sand shores.

Around, the world some islands don’t actually look like that. Some of these islands are stunningly beautiful, some are downright odd, and few of them are even a little bit dangerous.

Check out these islands with mysterious or creepy stories. Here is the list of 6 world’s most scary Islands!

6 Mysterious Island Around the World

1. The Island of the dolls

It is situated at the Xochimilco canals in Mexico. This island is also known as Isla de las Munecas. It is said that a girl was found drowned in mysterious circumstances many years ago on this island and that the dolls are possessed by her spirit. Dolls are threatening, even in the bright light of midday, but in the dark, they are particularly disturbing.

2. North Sentinel Island

It is situated in the Bay of Bengal Ocean between Myanmar and Indonesia, is home to one such tribe. In this island people are so hostile to external contact that the island has been dubbed the ‘hardest place to visit’ in the world. When boats or aircraft get too close to the island, the locals launch a barrage of arrows at the intruders, driving them off, and sometimes even killing them.

3. Snake Island

Snake Island is also known as Ilha da Queimada Grande. It is situated in south of Sao Paulo. This island has been forbidden to visitors as it’s covered with the most venomous snakes; the Golden Lance heads. These snakes can grow up to two meters in length and their venom is fatal. The species breed throughout the year sometimes giving birth to fifty baby snakes at a time; meaning that every inch of this island is littered with them. There are legends associated with the deserted island – all of them resulting in death.

4. Hashima Island

The Hashima Island, or Gunkanjima, is situated at nine kilometers of Nagasaki, Japan. It is a 6. Hectare Island on which more than 5,000 people lived at one point, but when Japan shifted to petroleum as its main energy source instead of coal, the island was no longer economically viable, and hence deserted. Most of the massive concrete buildings are still standing, though, which gives this island the aura of a floating ghost town, or an old battleship.

5. Ball’s pyramid

This Island was named after Lieutenant Henry Lid bird Ball who discovered the highland in 1788. It is a part of the Lord Howe Island group, 23 kilometers southeast of the Lord Howe Island, close to Australia and this island is populated by ugly and creepy insects called Dryococelus australis. The Lord Howe insects measure at six inches long and cannot fly. These insect are not so dangerous but walking up close to one must not be very pleasant.

6. Seguin Island


Seguin Island is located at the mouth of the Kennebec River in the U.S. state of Maine. The lighthouse that currently stands on this island was built in 1857 and is the highest lighthouse in the state. The name Seguin comes from an old Native American word sutquin, meaning “the place where the sea vomits.”Those who have stayed in the lighthouse as its keeper have a history of horror.One of the first keepers of the lighthouse lived in the house with his wife many years. To break the terrible silence of the isolated island the keeper’s wife would often play the piano. Unbeknownst to her, the same isolation that drove her to the piano would drive her husband to murder. Late one night the lighthouse keeper killed his wife with an axe. He then turned the axe on himself and ended his own life. Many claim that you can sometimes still hear the sounds of a phantom piano even though there is no longer a piano on the property.