/Top 10 Secret Messages Hidden In Famous Logos You Probably Didn’t Know
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Top 10 Secret Messages Hidden In Famous Logos You Probably Didn’t Know

A picture speaks thousands of words and this is what Logos do for a brand. A simple, easy recognizable logo will always have a higher recall value over a complicated logo. This is the only reason that companies spend millions of dollars coming up with unique and compelling logos. Logo define their brands and make them stand out from their competitors. They may be small in design but they speak volumes about their brand. A logo of a brand signifies the company’s motto, meaning, brand, products and more.

10 Famous Logos with Hidden Meanings

Here are 10 famous logos that have hidden meaning, you were probably unaware of.

1. Sony VAIO:

Sony’s Vaio notebooks features VAIO’s iconic logo that exhibits the idea of analogy and digital technology. The first two letter V and A symbolize the analogue signal and the rest 1 and 0 signify the binary code.

 2. LG:

The logo of LG Electronic closely looks like a smiling face. The “L” in the logo looks like the nose and the “G” forms the outline image of a happy face. The company recently made slight changes in its logo.

3. BMW:

The BMW’s logo is a tribute to the company’s history in aviation. The white part represent a moving propeller and blue part represents the sky. This is due to the company’s role in building aircraft engines for the German military during World War II.

4. Audi:

The four circles in this automaker’s logo represent the 4 companies that were a part of the Auto-Union Consortium in 1932, namely DKW, Horch, Wanderer and Audi.

5. FedEx:

This company logo is one of the best known in the world of “hidden image” logo. Their logo has a hidden arrow in it. For those who have not seen this image can take a look between the “E” and the “X”.

6. Mercedes-Benz:

The Mercedes-Benz logo stands out because of its Tri-Star. The Tri-Star is representative of the company’s dominance in quality and style all over like land, sea and air.

7. IBM:

IBM’s logo has a hidden message for the whole world hidden in the big blue logo that represent its company. The white lines passing through give the appearance of the ‘Equal to’ sign in the lower right corner that represent equality.

8. Apple:

This logo is believed to be derived from the story of Adam and Eve. The bitten apple represents  the “Tree of Knowledge”.

9. Amazon:

In the Amazon logo, the yellow underlining arrow refers to a smile that the company’s customers would experience after using Amazon’s service. The logo arrow starts from the “A” and points towards the “Z” indicate the company sells everything from A to Z.

10. Formula 1:

In the Formula 1 logo, red pattern represents passion and energy, while the black pattern represents power and determination. This logo is commonly known as F1.  Look at the logo you will see the hidden ‘one’ between the “F” and the “1”.