/Indian Women – ‘Dr. Lambha’ Started a New Revolution to Build 6000 Toilet in 34 Villages of Gujarat under Government Program
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Indian Women – ‘Dr. Lambha’ Started a New Revolution to Build 6000 Toilet in 34 Villages of Gujarat under Government Program

There are major problems that interrupt the growth of Indian society. Firstly, we must develop our villages because villagers suffer many problems like lack of education, electricity and most importantly lack of hygienic toilets. Villagers don’t have toilet in their village which affects the women severely. They have to wait for dark to go for toilet and listening to this in 21st century is actually very saddening. To counter attack such obstacles in the path of development our respected Prime Minister Narendra Modi flagged off an event, “Swacch Bharat Abhiyan”. But among all the brouhaha, there is an inspiring story of a lady who committed to fight for the sanitation facilities for the people.

Story of Dr. Lambha  Professor at Ahmadabad University Who Started New Revolution to Build 6000 Toilet in 34 Villages of Gujarat

Dr. Jyoti Lambha is a professor at Ahmadabad University in Gujarat. She loves teaching and interacting with students and it makes her happy.In her university a Gandhi Padyatra was organised where faculties and students visited several villages for deep analysis of their problem and to understand the major loopholes in the system.

When Dr. Jyoti Lambha visited to different villages she have seen people don’t have toilet and then she realized that women are most affected because they had to wait until it get dark and this point really saddened her. When she came back from the trip, university vice chancellor ‘Dr Sudarshan lyengar’ called her and gave her an opportunity to start a project of building toilets in the villages. She was very happy to serve Nation and a part of making earth clean.

In 2013, Dr. Lambha started her mission of educating Gujarat villagers about the importance of hygienic toilets and encouraging them to build toilets in their homes. It was tough for her to explain gramin villagers of Gujarat and took seven month to convinced them to build toilets under the Government Program. Now it has been 4 year since she have been doing this work without taking a day off and so far. Dr Lambha have helped to build 6000 toilets in 34 villages of Gujarat. She have helped to build toilets in those villages where there wasn’t a single toilet since Independence. In many villages, she also kept competition stating those who will build toilets will get prize from her. she buy such prizes from her own savings by cutting down her personal expenses.

Story of Dr. lambha her own words appeared on the Facebook page of Humans Of Amdavad.

Here is the message of Dr. Lambha for the whole World –

“Do what you love without thinking what others think about it. And development happens when Government and Citizens work together. Government can’t do everything alone, we have to participate and help in developing our country.”