/Watch: Taylor Swift unveils dark video for Look What You Made Me Do
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Watch: Taylor Swift unveils dark video for Look What You Made Me Do

Taylor Swift might not have made an appearance at this year’s MTV video music awards but the singer still made her presence known with the release of a dark new video.
Last week the 27-year-old unveiled the first single from her new album, Reputation, the dark electro-pop track Look What You Made Me Do, accompanied by a lyric video is setting records for streaming music on both Spotify and YouTube, the Washington Post reports. What’s more, Swift’s new song is also very popular as a paid download, and is on track to be the best-selling single since Adele released “Hello” in 2015, according to Billboard.
In raw numbers, Swift’s “colossal bummer” of a single was streamed more than 8 million times on Spotify, another 19 million times on YouTube, and racked up just under 200,000 sales, all on its first day of release. (The last time a song sold that many copies in a single week, never mind one day, was Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You,” six months ago.)
The video kicks off with a “dead” Swift (wearing the dress from her “Out of the Woods” music video) crawling out of a “Taylor Swift’s Reputation” grave juxtaposed with a shot of the star lying in a diamond-filled bathtub.
Other clips include Swift sitting on a throne commanding her legion of snakes, swinging in a golden cage and posing with a Grammy award after crashing her car into a pole as the paparazzi snap photos. Some fans on social media say Swift’s attire and hair in the car crash scenes mimic that of rival Katy Perry, who has never won a Grammy award.
The last 30 seconds of the music video shows all the various Taylors arguing with each other, saying things her haters have accused her of over the last several years.
“Stop making that surprise face. It’s so annoying!” dead Taylor tells “You Belong with Me” Taylor. Adds the “Shake It Off” Taylor: “Yeah, you can’t possibly be that surprised all the time.”
“What’s that, bitch?” adds another, while dead Taylor shoots back, “Don’t call me that.”
“Oh, stop acting like you’re all nice. You are so fake,” the Red-era Taylor tells the Fearless Taylor. And yet another says, “There she goes playing the victim again.”
The video ends with the 2009 VMAs-Taylor repeating what Swift said in an Instagram caption she posted when hitting back at Kardashian West, who leaked a phone call between Swift and her husband Kanye West last summer: “I would very much like to be excluded from this narrative.”
“Oh shut up!” the 14 other Taylors scream in unison.

Here is the Official You Tube Video of Taylor Swift’s Look What You Made Me Do: